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Classroom Stress can be Reduced by Walking to School

Being parents everyone tries to give as much comfort to their children as walking-to-schoolthey can but sometime some little effort and hard work is also required for the better growth of children, a new research carried by the University at Buffalo researchers has showed that walking to school may help in reducing the children’s stress throughout the day.

The findings of this research are not very unique one but it’s really good for those parents who always seek comfort and luxury for their children. This study was carried on 20 girls and 20 boys aged 10 to 14 and they were tested in the behavioral research laboratory.

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Loneliness Could Be the Biggest Enemy of Your Health: Study Shows

Loneliness is really a most irritating feeling that no one can ever enjoy, but recently some researchers have find out that this lonely behavior of people can prove to be the biggest enemy of their health.

loneliness1The researchers have shown that the temporary friends of internet just like the ones in our friends list on any social network can’t remove the tag of being lonely from our life until there are some strong spiritual relations.

The two different studies have been published in the University of Arizona studies and it suggests that the superficial relations not only bring the blessing of social detachment but also contribute to certain health related problems.

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How to Let the Children Know About Stress Management

Stress Management

Stress is one of the major problems of our life and this is not associated with any particular age, even children have to face this situation sometimes in their daily routine.

Stress ManagementThe adults have quite much power to handle with the stress situations but the children don’t have such idea and the stress in their lives spoils their whole personality.

Stress for children is difficult from adults because it can be frightening for them and this fear can result in some very severe results. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to help the student in managing their stress situation because those innocent creatures of God don’t even know how to tackle such situations.

In this article some useful suggestions have been provided for those who want to let their children know the method of stress management.

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Tips To Handle Symptoms of Stress

Stress is one of those mental problems that are very common worldwide and there would be no such person in the world that won’t have faced the stress situation in his/her life.

According to many medical experts stress is increasing nowadays because of the busy routines of the people in which they won’t have time for any kind of relaxation activity, doctors have also told that stress carries some very common physical and mental symptoms like headache, high blood pressure, heavy stomach, improper eating and others. There are some very effective ways by which you can keep the stress symptoms away from you and some of them have been discussed in this article so let’s have a look.

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Stress related effects on your body


Human body can manage the scenario of a short term stress, but when it comes to a long duration then it can leave stress1some bad impacts on your body. Some of them are severe also.

•    When you become stressed, adrenal glands discharge various chemicals, which include cortisol as well as epinephrine. Excessive amount of these chemicals can damage your memory as well as leads you to depression.

•    Stress hormones instigate the liver to manufacture extra blood sugar, which in the long run can lead to type 2 diabetes.

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Reducing stress level for working moms


Irrespective of age or sex people suffer from stress. Usually women who take care of most of the household jobs often working-mother-with-baby1suffer from stress. The things can get worse when a woman is a working mom. In such a condition they need to handle both the situation & thus stress level rises. With some different tricks you can decrease your stress level.

•    Have some discussion with your employer about making your schedule little flexible. If the discussions turn useless, then manage a day completely devoted to your family. Switch off your cell phone as well as your laptop. It this way you can create some balance between your family & career as well as it will help you to reduce the stress.

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