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Stress and Aging

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The look of aging on a person is being immediately visible to the observer and its symptoms are quite obvious like skin wrinkles, loses of hair and its color, the fragile body, and eventually the failure of viscera (internal organs). Stress commonly defined as,” it is state of mental and physical tension, due to a sense of importance or urgency that could result in negativity.”

There is a deep relation of aging and stress because researches have been shown that, along with the natural degeneration of the body, stress also accelerate aging. According to the scientific reasons, when we feel stress or any constant tension it make our brain to send stimulation to the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands secrete a hormone known as adrenaline. The purpose of the adrenaline hormone is, to prepare our bodies to react quickly to the dangerous situations. Adrenaline causes our heart to beat at fast rate and our blood sugar levels to rise, providing sufficient supply of glucose to the active muscles.

The immunity and the body reserve energy system are also stimulated to counter the situation. Mentally, adrenaline may create the feelings of anxiety and fear. Over stimulation of the body’s systems weaken the whole body lately, causing us to become the victim of different diseases. The extensive usage of the reserve energy causes accumulation of lactic acid in our muscles which results in fatigue. Prolonged stress gives birth to the hypertension, headaches, impotency in men and disturbed menstrual cycles in women. It is very important to beware of the triggers and signs of stress. Failure to quick realizing will increase the stress levels in the long run.

As the stress increase it speeds up the process of aging because it makes the body fragile and weakens the organs. About aging there are so many theories exists like DNA damage/repair theory which describe that DNA damages continuously occurs in cells of living organisms. Most of the damage got repaired and some accumulate, as the DNA Polymerases. These accumulated DNA Polymerases damages, probably interfere with RNA transcription. It has been concluded that the reduction in the ability of DNA to serve as a template for gene expression is the root cause of aging.

Second is free radical/oxidation theory according to it, free radicals are very reactive and these are the byproduct of the metabolism of our body so we cannot get rid of these radicals. These kind of oxidizing agents, damage the vital proteins which are essential for the functioning of the cell. Some of the damage done by oxidizing gents is repaired by the cell itself, but in the long run damage accumulates and cause aging. We can say that as oxygen gives us life, it also weaken us with every breath so the breathing process is a necessary evil for us. Stress is also a major cause of early aging so the causes of stress are also the causes of aging.

Stress can arise in variety of reasons; stress can be brought about by the accident, sudden death, or emergency situation. A serious illness or disease can also be stressful. Stress is also associated with our daily life, the workplace, and family responsibilities. Now days our hectic life doesn’t allow us to stay calm and relaxed. We have to step forward knowing all of this in our lives, it is hard to find ways to de-stress. But it is more important to find those ways on which our health depends. Both short-term and long-term stress has effects on your body. Research is starting to show the serious effects of stress on our bodies.

Stress initialize changes in our bodies and makes us able to get sick. It can worse the problems which is already present. It can take a part in these problems like trouble sleeping, headaches, constipation, diarrhea, irritability, eating too much or not at all, anger, sadness, higher risk of asthma and arthritis, skin problems, anxiety, weight gain or loss, heart problems, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes.
Don’t let stress to take over you and make you sick.

Few suggestions to help you to handle stress.

Relaxing is most important. Each person relaxes in his or her own way. Some ways include deep breathing, yoga, meditation, and massage therapy. If you can’t do these things, take a few minutes to sit, listen to soothing music, or read a book.

Sleeping is a good way to help both your mind and body. Stress could rise if you don’t get enough sleep. You also can’t fight against sickness as well when you have poor sleep. With peaceful sleep, you can handle your problems better and cut down your risk for illness. Seven to nine hours of peaceful sleep every night is recommended.

Try to eat fruits, vegetables, and proteins instead of high calories diet. Protein can be taken from peanut butter, chicken, or tuna salad. Eat whole-grains, such as wheat crackers and wheat bread.

Exercise of half an hour can really makes a difference. Physical exertion relaxes the body muscle and reduces the effect of stress from your nerves. In yoga you take control over breath which reduces the free radicals in the body and ultimately slows down the aging. Sometime, under stress people start drinking alcohol too much, using drugs, smoking, or overeating. Don’t deal with the stress in an unhealthy way this will increase your problems instead of decreasing.

By taking control over stress, one can also slow down the process of aging and have the least chances of getting any serious disease in the middle age. This will provide a chance of better healthy life. If the situation of stress persists, consult your physician many therapies are also available to reduce stress.

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