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Reducing stress on your daily commute

Reducing stress

Sometimes our daily commuting process is responsible for our tiredness. It leads to physical as well as mental stress_woman1exertion, but there are various ways to relieve your stress.

•    Study reveals that people using cell phone while driving takes much more time to reach there ultimate terminus then the person driving without any accessories. So automatically people using cell phones take much time to reach there destination, so stop responding on phone while driving.

•    While you are driving you need to seat comfortably, physical comfort always give you some extra energy.

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Breathe Deeply and Fight Wrinkles

You know why do I hate stress? Because it not only ruins your mood but Wrinkles-Facedestroys your good looks too; it wrinkles your face! Tension and worries are not only bad for your peace of mind but also for your beauty. These tensions and stress situations augment the production of Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone and also confuses the collagen production. Collagen is a natural element necessary for skin repair and fight wrinkles.

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Single Brain Cell Can Store Memory

US scientists who have been studying the brain cells in the mice have come to a conclusion that even a single cell inhuman-brain the front part of the brain can store a lot of traces of memories on its own for as long as minutes to even longer. The scientists have compared such a cell to a RAM, which is short term memory storage in all the computers.

The research is produced as a paper in the online issue of the Nature Neuroscience and is authored by Dr. Don Cooper. This is the first ever study that suggests that a single signal enables the cell in the brain to hold the information temporarily. Such information can help a lot in understanding and treating addiction, memory loss and the attention disorders due to the things such as trauma and stress. Scientists are always aware that permanent memories get stored at the time when glutamate turns on the ion channels of the brain cells in order to reorganise and reinforce the way they hook up to each other. But this takes up a lot of time, even hours in order to fire up and turn off and the reaction here is too slow to act as a temporary buffer for storing information that comes in at a much faster speed.

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Benefits of Laughter in Stress Management

Stress happens for several reasons. Excessive stress can even decay your health & without a good health you cannot enjoy the benefits of healthy living. So take it seriously & try to live a joyful life. There are several things that work as a stress reliever. But laughter is something for which you don’t need to do any extra activities. It’s a very common thing for common people.

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Cold Weather Can Cause Hypertension in Elderly

The results of a new study suggest that cold weather may become the cause of high blood pressure in elderly.high-blood-pressure

In their study that included 8,801 older adults (65 and over), the researchers, from the Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale, Paris, found that seasonal changes caused increase and drop in the systolic and diastolic blood pressures. The researchers noticed that in cold weather systolic blood pressure was 5 points higher than in summer season. The systolic blood pressure of the 33.4% older adults in winter was higher than 159 and diastolic blood pressure was higher than 94mm.

The study has been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine 12 Jan issue.

It has not been found what the basic reason behind this correlation. According to the study authors it might be linked with the baroreflex that is a blood pressure related mechanism and in elderly this mechanism is modified that proves helpful to controlstress response and other such involuntary actions.

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