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Stress related effects on your body

by Souti


Human body can manage the scenario of a short term stress, but when it comes to a long duration then it can leave stress1some bad impacts on your body. Some of them are severe also.

•    When you become stressed, adrenal glands discharge various chemicals, which include cortisol as well as epinephrine. Excessive amount of these chemicals can damage your memory as well as leads you to depression.

•    Stress hormones instigate the liver to manufacture extra blood sugar, which in the long run can lead to type 2 diabetes.

•    When we are stressed we experience the shortness of breath, hyperventilation, breathing fast etc. When these conditions persist for a long duration of time we can experience the upper respiratory disorders.

•    Stress can also enhance your blood pressure level as well as increase your cholesterol level which can create the perfect situation for stroke, heart attack or other heart disorders.

•    Excessive stress can also leave bad effects on your reproductive health. It can stop your menstruation or make it shorter or longer or it can also make it very painful.

•    Experts believe that short term stress can enhance your immune system, where as long term process can damage your immune system & make the healing process slow. It can also develop a severe skin condition like eczema etc.

•    Long term stress can also develop the situation like nausea; dryness in your mouth, indigestion can even create a situation like irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, constipation, ulcers etc.

•    Stress can also injure your muscles. It makes them tight which leads to back pain, headache, shoulder pain etc. It can even develop in a medical condition like osteoporosis.

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