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Doctors With Insufficient Knowledge: Treating children With Epilepsy

According to recent news, several American doctors have been found to have insufficient noesis for epilepsy treatment among children.

A survey has been conducted in central Texan area among neurosurgeons, family doctors as well as pediatrician. They were trying to assess whether these professionals were following the proper guideline, while their patient is a kid suffering from epilepsy. Some of these participants were also not quite aware of the constitute intractable epilepsy as well as when their young patients were advised surgical valuation & the particular classifications of seizures can react to surgical treatment.

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10 Signs You Might Need Glasses

Your vision is one of your most important assets. It is something we should never take for granted. We must pay attention so we can identify issues with our vision and take corrective action early. It is even more important if you already have vision problems. There are a number of signs which indicate you may need glasses or a new prescription if you already wear them. Paying attention to these signs and taking swift action can help preserve one of our most precious gifts, our eyesight.


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Precocious Puberty – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Precocious Puberty is a condition, which is identified by early adulthood in the children.

Definition of Precocious Puberty

It is a disorder that is identified by abnormal early puberty. In this disorder human body may experience many changes at an early age. This disorder is also known as “Pubertas Praecox”.

Types of Precocious Puberty

Following are the few types of Precocious Puberty

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Raising Healthy Toddlers

Once your child moves beyond infancy and learns to walk, there are new challenges to keeping him safe and healthy. His newfound mobility brings the opportunity to explore and play – and to get hurt. And as he gets older, some health issues may arise that will need attention.

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Cover Electric Outlets

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure to cover all electric outlets in your home as soon as your child can move around on his own. Tiny fingers like to touch things, so make sure to avoid the danger of electrocution.

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P&G Launches CSDW Project

There are many people who think about helping other people because they enjoy being a part of support team that makes difference, but somewhere down the line we are not able to achieve what we want because most social organizations ask you to take your time out and support their campaign.

This is not possible for all of us because we live a hectic life and therefore we might not be able to give all the time that social organizations want. However, if you still want to go ahead and make some difference to the world then you can join P&G and the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program to provide drinking water to kids around the globe who never receive good quality drinking water.

There are many multinational companies who are trying to make difference to the world around us and P&G is one of such companies. This time P&G has partnered with Give Health and has come up with innovative Children’s Safe Drinking Water Project also known as CSDW to provide clean drinking water to children all over the world.

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Pampers Celebrates its Golden Jubilee with Launch of “Little Miracle Missions”

Pampers celebrates 50th anniversary with the launch of “Little Miracle Missions” campaign, it’s a kind of social campaign that aims to celebrate, support, and protect babies and their families. This campaign will run throughout the year and Pampers has designed various activities for this campaign, one among them is the delivery of care packages to the NICU. Pampers 50th birthday celebrations Kicks off Little Miracle Missions at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. On 12th of April Pampers continued its 50th birthday celebrations along with the celebrity parents who delivered the care packages to the NICU in the Newyork at Mount Sinai Hospital. As a part of 50th year celebrations, Pampers also conducted a research to take an idea how parenting have evolved in U.S.A since last 5 decades.
“Miracles”, Pampers have named it to little kids, it believes that every kid is a “Miracle” that happens to their families. General Manager of Pampers Jodi Allen said, “In the midst of this very exciting milestone, Pampers 50th birthday, we are taking a retrospective look at five decades of parenthood filled with scientific advancements that have fundamentally changed the way we have we become parents. In embracing all of these changes and believing that all babies are little miracles to be celebrated we are so thrilled to unveil our Little Miracle Mission Campaign, which delivers acts of support to families and(hopeful families), while encouraging them to do the same”.

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