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Some really simple but healthy food pairs

by Souti

Some foods in our daily life seem to just go right with each other, like carrots with peas or crackers with cheese or jelly with peanut butter etc. These powerful food pairs are really able to serve you some extra taste. However there are various foods out there who turn quite more nutritious while you serve them in a pair with some other food items. These combination power packs are really quite healthy & will help you to keep your healthy living standards.

Olive Oil with Tomatoes

Including some oil in your vegetables or in your fruits can help you in assimilating their hearty phytonutrients in a better way. A new research (Free Radical Biology & Medicine) revealed that people who  tend to eat various types of tomato products with olive oil or sunflower oil are more able to increase their lycopene levels within a week. Lycopene help red peppers, tomatoes, watermelon in their red colour, which is able to lower the chances of lung ailments, breast cancer & heart ailments. However olive oil is considered as a best option. Study also compared people who ate sunflower oil with people who preferred to have olive oil & they have reached the conclusion, that second one had greater amounts of antioxidant level.

Greens with Beans

Combination of Vitamin C (greens) & iron (beans) is always considered a power food. While you are having them together, presence of vitamin C in greens helps to activate the iron present in beans & they both create such a form, that your body can assimilate easily. This combination process is mainly convenient while you are having iron originating from non-animal supplier, like raisins, tofu, fortified cereal, spinach etc. Our body could easily absorb the iron coming from poultry, fish meat etc. Some other sources of vitamin C are cauliflower, parsley, citrus fruits, red bell peppers etc.

Garlic or Onions with Whole Grains

While you are pouring some sautéed garlic or onions into a whole-grain preparation, you simple transfer it from an ordinary dish to a super food. Some new research revealed that adding such thing with whole grain preparation, just makes it heartier. A research came out in the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry stated that the combination of onions or garlic along with whole grains seems to help the assimilation of zinc as well as iron, minerals which are assimilated in smaller amounts from plant origin in comparison to animal sources. Zinc is known for its ability to enhance the immunity as well as to fix the wounds. Though research doesn’t indicate the specific amount, but presence of sulphur compounds in garlic & onion will definitely boost up the assimilation.

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