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Benefits of Dragon Fruit

by Souti
Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit – A Blessing In The Form of Fruit:

Dragon Fruit

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Dragon fruit also known as pitaya, is a tropical fruit. This fruit initially came from South America, then over the years it spread to South Eastern Asia. Though it is gaining popularity in recent years, however its availability is very limited. Little smaller than a cantaloupe, this fruit has a resemblance to Chinese dragon (like green, yellow, red skin). The texture of pitaya is quite similar to that of kiwi & the meat is full of black seeds. The flesh can be incorporated into various beverages like wine etc. You can make a healthy tea by using its leaves.

Dragon fruit is a highly beneficial option for your complete health. It is a great source of vitamins like c, B3, B2, B1 etc. From controlling your blood pressure to giving you a healthy skin, dragon fruit can provide quite a lot. Following are some of its benefits:

Improving Digestion:


Image by: Pixabay

It can regulate your body by improving your immune system. This fruit allows smooth digestion by increasing the quantity of digestive juices that are released and helping the consumed food to pass smoothly through the digestive tract.

This fruit can avert situations like irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, colorectal cancer etc. by improving the bowel movement.

Averting Cancer:

Averting Cancer

Image by: Pixabay

Carotene is another important element provide by this fruit. Carotene is filled with various anti-cancer properties as well as is able to lower the proportion of tumors.

Boost Up Immune System:

Vitamin C is a great option for immune system & dragon fruit is a high supplier of this vitamin. It can also activate the work of other oxidants too. They are able to locate & remove the free radicals, the major contributing factor in Cancer and heart related diseases.

Heart Healthy:

Healthy Heart

Image by: Pexels


It is able to lower the quantity of bad cholesterol in our blood, therefore reduces the risk of ailments in veins or in arteries. In turn it can lower the chances of heart attack or stroke or even atherosclerosis. Seeds of this fruit is able to provide your body with some good cholesterol (HDL) which is quite necessary to get a healthy body.

Enhancing Eye Sight:

Cholesterol Deposits Around Your Eyes

Image by: Pexels

This rich source of vitamin A can lower your eye related problems. From getting a healthy retina to color vision or even night vision vitamin A is needed for all these purposes. Eye ailments associated with age, mostly appears because of vitamin A deficiency. So consuming dragon fruits can also lower your eye problems.

Improving Nervous System:

Nervous System

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This high content of vitamin B in this fruit is of great assistance for strengthening the structure of our nervous system. It plays a major role in nerve cell generation and this in turn makes us more aware of our surroundings and gives a greater clarity in our thoughts. Calcium content in this fruit can boost up the activities of nervous system as well as makes sure that the nerve cells are communicating quite effectively.

Getting Strong Teeth’s & Bones:

Strong Teeth

Image by: Pexels

Phosphorous & calcium are two more important contents of dragon fruit. It can keep your bone as well as teeth healthy. It’s a great option for preventing ailments like osteoporosis, tooth decay etc.

For Healthy Skin:

Healthy Skin

Image by: Pexels

Like many other fruits, dragon fruit is also rich supplier of antioxidants. It can not only keep your skin looking healthy, it can also make you feel healthy too. By reducing free radicals it can make your skin look tighter & younger.

Losing Weight:

Losing weight

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It’s a great supplier of fiber but is low in calories. So it can make you feel full without giving you excess calories. For people who are willing to lose weight in a healthy way, this is the perfect option for them. It has powerful impact on the way proteins from that food that we take is metabolized. This plays a crucial role in  muscles building.

Image by: Pixabay

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