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Side Effects of Caffeine

by Souti

Caffeine is one of the major ingredients of various famous beverages like tea, coffee, soda, energy drinks, colas, chocolates etc. It is found in tea leaves cocoa pods or coffee beans etc. When you consume it in a moderate manner then it could enhance your metabolism, but excessive quantity can leave some bad effects over your body. Caffeine is known as a stimulant of the central nervous system, so it’s able to reenergize your body. However its effects depend on the individual consuming it.

Some side effects are:

•    When you want some sound sleep, try to avoid having caffeine before bed, it can instigate the situation like sleeplessness.

•    People suffering from heart ailments are more prone to bad effects of caffeine, because it can instigate the irregular heartbeat/cardiac arrhythmias.

•    Study revealed that consumption of caffeine over six cups can enhance the risks of miscarriage as well as low weight birth of babies among pregnant women.

•    Sometimes young adult & kids complain about headache. Usually these people are very fond of energy drinks as well as sodas, so this condition can be related with caffeine related problem.

•    Caffeine always plays the role of a diuretic, so people are forced to visit the washroom frequently, when then ingest it excessively. Such condition usually lowers the water quantity from your body & this turns into a situation like dehydration.

•    Excessive ingestion of caffeine related drinks can lead to lack of calcium. So people, who consume caffeine in large quantities are highly recommended to have low fat yoghurt, milk, calcium supplements, instead of having caffeine containing drinks.

•    Caffeine is also able to enhance your breast tenderness as well as can instigate fibrocystic breast disorders.

•    People with crohn’s ailment, gastro-intestinal reflux, ulcer etc are highly recommended to ingest only a cup of drink (caffeine drink). Because it enhances the acid secretion into your stomach

•    People with a high blood pressure problem or high blood sugar problem need to minimize their caffeine intake, because it can make the situation worse.

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