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Push-Ups, an Inexpensive Global Revolution

by Ana

Ted Skup defines good health as “having a sense of well-being” in his recent book “Death, Taxes & Push-Ups”.  He claims that this book would act as a perfect guide to reach that goal.Ted Skup says that push-ups are emerging as a main choice among those who want to workout to achieve perfect harmony of mind, body, and spirit. He has termed his push-up routine “Horizontal Jogging” and wrote his book, “Death, Taxes, and Push-ups” after officially completing ten million push-ups himself.

“Push-up Revolution” has been initiated with this new book by Skup published by Abox Publishing. He says, “As a revolutionist, my nature draws me to challenge everything the fitness industry dishes out.”

Skup, an authority on push ups calls it to be the most explosive exercise on the earth. However, till now it has been perceived as a warm exercise.

Push ups are not only an exercise, but can also be adopted as complete exercise regime. It works well for all without any difference based on gender or age. Men, women and children can easily take up this exercise at any fitness level. Best part of this exercise is its simplicity and space freeness which everyone can adapt easily.

Fitness industry is slowly acknowledging the importance of push-ups. The claims and quick solutions offered by the fitness industry are failing slowly. Health experts across the world have now acknowledged that exercise and being physically active cannot be replaced by any short term or quick approach.

The best part is that unlike other exercise regimes, it doesn’t need any equipment or money. They are free and convenient. Push-ups fit well for people with tight budgets as well those who have busy schedules like executives.

Push-ups provide great upper body, low-cost exercise. They are a good exercise for those who want to tone up or gain strength but not too much mass. The best thing is that one is not required to go to gym to do them; it can be easily done at home. Space is not a problem with exercise regime.

Ted Skup hopes that the ‘push-ups revolutions’ will spread across the borders and will help everyone in the same way as it has helped him. Its inexpensive advantages would certainly attract every common person in order to maintain good health, he expects.

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