Staying Alert, Even When Tired: How to Do it

The key to a happy and productive life is to stay busy and active. However, when it comes to juggling the responsibilities of both your personal and professional life, things can quickly become hectic. Although proper sleep is necessary for optimal health, you will find yourself in situations where actually getting the right amount of sleep is impossible.

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Green Spots Near Home Keep the Children Active

green-spots.jpgA new research has shown the children who live near parks or play grounds may fight better against childhood obesity and remain active. The findings has demonstrated the probability of a girl to walk to school became doubled and boy’s likelihood to leisure walking increased by 69 percent.

It shows the solid connection between the habit of walking and public open places for recreational activities in the neighborhood.

To increase overall physical activity, dynamic movement is a capable health strategy, the results showed. One of the researchers said that the rate of obesity in childhood and adolescent has been increased by three times which is a high gone up taken as environmental rather than biological.

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Regular workout may improve Postmenopausal women’s life quality

Results of a new US study show that different workout can be very helpful to improve the quality of life in postmenopausal women, although they are not effective in losing weight.

In their study, the researchers included 430 postmenopausal women (aged 57.4 on average basis) and they assigned 4 kilocalories per kg, 8 kilocalories per kg or 12 kilocalories per kg as exercise expenditure randomly for these groups. These levels show 50%, 100% and 150% of the present recommendations of public health physical activity.

Corby K. Martin, the lead author of the study, says, “It was found that 4-KKW, 8-KKW and 12-KKW groups were 95%, 88.1% and 93.7% adhere to exercise respectively and every group spent 73.9%, 138.3% and 183.6 min/week for exercise.”

It was found that control group had 2.07lbs average weight loss, 2.95 lbs in 8-KKW group 2.07 and 2.90lbs in 12-KKW group.

“Nearly on every aspect of life quality dose response was noted and it was also found that the health perception was quite improved in 4-KKW group and similarly there was a considerable boost in their mental health and vitality if compared to control group,” the researchers explained.

The study has been published in the Archives of Internal Medicine Feb. 09 issue.

Physically active women have lower risk of endometrial cancer

NEW YORK – Mild to moderate physical activity may minimize the risk of endometrial cancer associated with obesity, according to study of American Cancer Society.

Dr. Alpa V. Patel and colleagues noticed 466 cases of endometrial cancers between 1992 and 2003 in 43,000 postmenopausal women with complete uteri.

Researchers found that, active women engaged initially in mild to moderate exercises, such as walking, biking, aerobics or dancing, equivalent to almost two hours of moderately paced walking per week.

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Push-Ups, an Inexpensive Global Revolution

Ted Skup defines good health as “having a sense of well-being” in his recent book “Death, Taxes & Push-Ups”.  He claims that this book would act as a perfect guide to reach that goal.Ted Skup says that push-ups are emerging as a main choice among those who want to workout to achieve perfect harmony of mind, body, and spirit. He has termed his push-up routine “Horizontal Jogging” and wrote his book, “Death, Taxes, and Push-ups” after officially completing ten million push-ups himself.

“Push-up Revolution” has been initiated with this new book by Skup published by Abox Publishing. He says, “As a revolutionist, my nature draws me to challenge everything the fitness industry dishes out.”

Skup, an authority on push ups calls it to be the most explosive exercise on the earth. However, till now it has been perceived as a warm exercise.

Push ups are not only an exercise, but can also be adopted as complete exercise regime. It works well for all without any difference based on gender or age. Men, women and children can easily take up this exercise at any fitness level. Best part of this exercise is its simplicity and space freeness which everyone can adapt easily.

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No Single Physical Fitness Program Suits Everyone

When it comes to be physically active, there is no single size that fits everyone with same effectiveness. People around the world have so much diversities and have so many different cultural and physical parameters that it is almost impossible to design an exercise method that benefits everyone upon this earth with equal degrees of benefits.A recent landmark research study conducted at the ‘University of Alberta’, Canada says that this study has been successful in defining the underlying trends variance and preferences for making a decision about what should be a most correct exercise pattern in case any person wants to be physically active.

People across the world belong to different cultures, ethnicities, genders, and income levels. Each of these people has different influences and different choices even in being physically active.

Professor Jane Ruseski and Professor Brad Humphyes at the University of Alberta included varied parameters in this research study. Some of these parameters include income, education and ethnicity which are prime influencing factors related to a person’s decision of remaining physically active.

Researchers involved the data of government spending on parks and other recreation facilities and examined their impacts on a person’s decision to the extent of participation in physical activities and other sports.

It was observed that simple walking was the most favored physical activity that was counted as an exercise and almost 57% people voted for this pattern. Study results also revealed that with an increasing in age the rate of participation in walking as a physical activity also increases significantly. Brad Humphreys says, “Programs aimed at promoting walking for exercise could appeal to older populations”.

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