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Precautionary Guide for Pregnant Women

by Ana

Pregnancy is a time which every married woman loves to enjoy in her life though it brings lots of difficulties and problems for them but the excitement of getting an angel at the end is far from the problems which she faces during the pregnancy.

Guide-for-Pregnant-WomenIt has been told by many health experts that the first three months of pregnancy are the most crucial time for the baby’s growth and in that the ladies must take special care of themselves.

In the daily life’s routine we don’t give much attention to many activities but during pregnancy special care must have to be performed on the daily routine activities as a little carelessness can lead to miscarriage.

Here I am going to discuss some of those precautions which are required during the time of pregnancy and every pregnant woman should take care of them if she wants to have a fit and healthy baby.

  • First of all you must try to give the correct temperature to your baby, the baby’s body temperature will rely completely on your own body’s temperature so try to avoid Spas, stream rooms and hot tubs because researches have proven that these treatments during pregnancy may harm the developing fetus.


  • Alcohol is the most dangerous thing for you during pregnancy because the babies of women who use alcohol during pregnancy are at greater risks of fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) which makes the baby slow in its growth and also abnormal facial features and another bad thing about this disease is that it has no cure. So for the healthy baby the alcohol using ladies must quit their habit or heir baby can be at risk.
  • If you’re an alcoholic, there are alcohol addiction centers in Utah and everywhere else in the country that can help treat your condition to make sure your baby will be safe.

Just like alcohol another food item dangerous for the pregnant ladies is caffeine and this thing can affect every human especially the pregnant ladies and the impacts of caffeine can come in the form of nervousness, anxiety, irregular heartbeats and sleeping problems. So if you want to have a healthy then cut down the use of foods and drinks that contains caffeine in them.

  • During your pregnancy you must be careful about the medicines which you are using, there are many medications and herbs that may harm your baby. So if you are going to take some medicines in this period then always consult your doctor as they’ll guide you well in taking the medicines which are not good for you.
  • Try to avoid the risky kind of sports like water-skiing, horseback riding, downhill or cross country skiing, surfing and other such sports because these are very hard physical exercises and these can badly affect the development of fetus.
  • The tattoos on the body are removed by the laser treatment and this treatment is not good for the baby, if you have also tattoos on your body and you want to remove them then do this task before getting pregnant or wait until the baby comes to the world.

These were some of the tips that can help you in making up a good pregnancy time period and giving birth to an active and healthy baby.

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