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The Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

by Vinay M
lose weight after pregnancy

After watching your body change and grow for nine months, you’re left with an amazing new life to nurture and watch grow. Post pregnancy weight gain generally leaves you still a bit too big to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes, but your maternity wear is likely to be baggy and ill fitting. To help speed up your metabolism and regain your pre-pregnancy shape, there are oodles of exercises, diet tips and strategies that you can utilize, even while caring for a new baby.

Best Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

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It will take you awhile to get used to your new way of life, but you can also shed the pounds as you change diapers, play with, and chase after your bundle of joy. Here are the best ways to deal with post pregnancy weight loss in ways that are manageable, effective and completely safe for you to implement.

Nursing Your Baby Is Best for Mother and Child:

Nursing Your Baby

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Doctors don’t just suggest breastfeeding because of the benefits that it provides for growing babies. Science has also proven that the act of nursing is a great way to burn off around 500 extra calories a day. That means that you can safely lose a few pounds of excess weight a week just by providing your child with the most natural source of food on the planet. If you decide not to nurse your baby for whatever reason, you can still burn off extra calories by pumping and either discarding or donating your milk.

Choose a Baby Friendly Exercise Plan:

Baby Friendly Exercise

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After recovering from childbirth, the next months will be spent bending, stretching, lugging and reaching as your child is going to have a lot of needs that have to be fulfilled on the spot. Some new moms think that they have to hire a babysitter so that they can burn off their extra pounds at the gym, but they’d probably fare better by making their own home gyms using one critical piece of equipment. If you modify the most basic exercises, such as sit ups and lunges but you also include your new baby, you will get an intense workout each and every time. Not only are you guaranteed to get your blood pumping, but your baby will be delighted to be included in the fun.

Stay Active And Healthy:

Stay Active and Healthy

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When it’s time to lay your baby down for the evening or even a midday nap, you might genuinely need to take a rest so that you can be raring to go when your baby awakens. On the other hand, you don’t want to fall into a pattern that leaves you sitting on the couch, eating unhealthy snacks, or worse, falling into any unhealthy habits that you might have had pre-pregnancy. Limiting your alcohol intake and staying tobacco free are guaranteed to make it easier for you to lose and control your weight after giving birth.

If you’re willing to give it some time you can be wearing you favorite little black dress in less than a year after you have your new baby. Remember that it literally took you nine months to grow a child, so be patient as you will need a nearly equal amount of time to safely meet your weight loss desires. Ask your doctor if you are on the right track for losing weight after pregnancy and take care of yourself and your precious baby.

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