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PMJ Editorial Claim Mediterranean Diet Good for Tackling Obesity Issues

by Shilpa

Obesity has become one of the major health concerns today globally. However, some of the leading doctors have mentioned in the Postgraduate Medical Journal that they believe that Mediterranean diet can quickly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The doctors also mentioned that the diet is helpful not just to tackle obesity and other health risks associated with it, but also to cut down weight in a natural way. The official NHS advice is to focus on the calorie intake that will help obese people to tackle obesity issues in the right way.

Mediterranean diet

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The Postgraduate Medical Journal also focuses on other diets and how they can help with tackling obesity and warned people against crash dieting that can seriously affect the health. Many health experts and doctors criticized the weight reduction industry that focus on calorie restriction and not on good nutrition that can in a way help in fighting obesity and at the same time maintain proper health. The journal also mentioned that Mediterranean diet is a better alternative to reduce weight and to fight obesity because it includes fruits and vegetables, nuts and olive oil that works naturally to reduce heart attack risks and strokes and they are better than low fat diets.

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