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Reduce Your Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes Using Your Brown Fat

Obesity is certainly among the top health concerns, along with diabetes, but as per a new study brown fat can protect your body from obesity and diabetes naturally. The new research study claims that it focuses specifically on brown fat that is present in small quantities in adults. The research report claims that brown fat is mostly present in newborn babies as they are more prone to heat loss and since they are unable to shiver and brown fat helps them to stay warm. However, as we grow the body requires less amount of brown fat and therefore it is replaced by white fat which can lead to many more health concerns.

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PMJ Editorial Claim Mediterranean Diet Good for Tackling Obesity Issues

Obesity has become one of the major health concerns today globally. However, some of the leading doctors have mentioned in the Postgraduate Medical Journal that they believe that Mediterranean diet can quickly reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The doctors also mentioned that the diet is helpful not just to tackle obesity and other health risks associated with it, but also to cut down weight in a natural way. The official NHS advice is to focus on the calorie intake that will help obese people to tackle obesity issues in the right way.

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