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Obesity! Causes and Effects

by Ana


Obesity is a condition when body fats cells increased and causes a serious destruction of health. An average–sized person required 30 to 35 billion of fat cells for his body.

However, when a person becomes obese these fats cells, increase in size. If he continues his propensity of weight gaining, these cells increase in number.

When a person starts loosing his weight these cells decrease in size, but number of fat cells remain the same. That is why it is very difficult to lose weight once you gain it (normal size of fat cells is 0.4 to 0.6 microgram, it will shrink up to 0.1 microgram and it will enlarge up to 1.2 microgram).

Causes of Obesity:

Few important reasons of obesity are as fallows (for both men and women).

1.    Family History

The genes you have inherited from your parents have strong effects on one’s weight. If parents are enduring from obesity, than their children’s have more chances to become obese. Genes support obesity, eating habits or physical activities of parents and children’s are mostly same, children’s copied the habits of their parents .Obesity becomes family problem for most of the families.

2.    Physical Activities

  • Peoples spent hours in front of TV, computer or amount of leisure increased in their lives.
  • Mostly job status is related to continuous sitting in office and using computer or other new technology.
  • Traveling through cars and keep away from walking shows calories intake is greater than calories burn causes overweight.

3.    Age

As age increases, metabolic rate decreases. Therefore, it is required to take lesser food because when a person has lesser metabolic rate and he eats too much than result is overweight.

4.    Psychological Factors

Psychological factors like depression and anxiety causes overeating in some cases, by taking food they feel better, some takes drinks, some starts smoking to control their nerves all these situation cause weight gain. Sometimes peoples eat more because there is nothing to do without eating.

5.    Lack of sleep

Peoples who sleep less continuously facing problem of obesity .Daily sleep of 7 to 8 hours causes less weight gain, as compared to sleep lesser than this causes serious problems of obesity.

6.    Medicine

Use of certain medicines causes serious problem of obesity for examples medicines used for antidepressant, after seizures results obesity.

Effects of Obesity:

Obesity causes many serious problems and these are

  • Reduce life expectancy; mortality rate of obese persons is greater than average-weight persons.
  • Obesity causes irregularity in menstrual and creates infertility in women.
  • Creates heart diseases, when fat cells creates blockage in the arteries of blood circulation it causes heart attack and other heart diseases.
  • When blockage is created in blood circulation veins it also causes blood pressure problems, creates serious problems like blood clotting in brain (stroke in brain).
  • Diabetes problem also arises, due to increase of fat cells insulin cells don’t function properly in the body and blood sugar problem arise .More than 85% patients of blood sugar are overweight.

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