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Natural Ways to deal with Depression

by Shilpa

Studies have shown that one in ten people in the US suffers from depression. While there are several prescription medicines to help ease the symptoms, natural medicine also seems to help.

  1. Light Therapy

People who tend to suffer from any sort of seasonal affective disorder, where they tend to get more depressed during particular times of the year like winters, seem to benefit from light therapy. It works with the usage of brightness which seems to lift their spirits.


  1. Massage

Massages have been extensively researched for treating depression. A study that was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry stated that massage therapy may have some ‘potentially significant effects’ while trying to alleviate anxiety and depression.


  1. Supplements

Herbal supplements like the St. John’s Wart is known to help deal with the symptoms of depression. Increasing the intake of vitamin D and omega -3s have also been found to be effective.

Discuss with your doctor before you begin taking these supplements.


  1. Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is the most widely studied treatment of depression. It has shown some very positive effect in people who suffer from depression.


Do talk to your doctor in order to figure out the option which works for you.

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