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Metal Allergy: Causes & Remedies

by Souti

Study reveals that females are more prone to metal allergy then men because of their jewellery use. After getting your most awaited piercing, you can experience some itchiness within the area. It happens because of metal allergy. Many people are found allergic to metals like cobalt, nickel, chromium etc. Research shows that metals have also been identified in common appliances used in home.

Some causes of metal allergy:

•    Sea water as well as soil contains some metals, which might be a reason for metal allergy.

•    Another prevalent cause of metal allergy is body piercing. The continuous contact with the metal can grow some skin sensitivity.

•    Study revealed that the jewelleries, which carry nickel is one of the major causes of metal allergy.

•    Some other reasons are use of dental plates, cigarette lighter, eyelash curlers, pins, belts, zippers etc.

Symbols of metal allergy:

•    People can experience redness along with itchiness, where the skin touches some metal.

•    Itching is one of the most prevalent symptoms of metal allergy. Without any other sign people can only experience some mild to major itching.

•    In some cases itchiness can turn the area into swelling. In such cases getting some cold compress can give you some relief.

•    People can also experience mild to major rashes because of metal allergy.

•    If your skin is sensitive to metal then constant use of metal can lead to the scaly a well a crusty skin.

•    You can also experience darkening of your skin due to the long-time uses of metals.

•    Metal allergy can also lead to the accumulation of blisters over the affected portion of your body.

Remedies for metal allergy:

•    If you are suffering from metal allergy, then make sure you are checking all the products before purchasing them.

•    Start using items made with paper or plastic or wood or some things other than metal.

•    When you can’t escape metal use then use nail polish to get them well coated. Then envelop them with tape. It will help you to keep some distance from your skin.

•    When you are using gloves in winter, make sure those are waterproof. Try to keep distance from latex; it can make the situation worse.

•    Study revealed that jewelleries which carry nickel are one of the major causes of metal allergy. So start using 18 karat gold jewellery or plastic jewellery or platinum jewellery etc.

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