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Melanoma Exposed – An educational campaign

by Ana

Melanoma Exposed, an educational campaign to raise awareness of the most deadly form of skin cancer is making waves. The major melanoma groups like The Skin Cancer Foundation, Melanoma International Foundation, Melanoma Research Foundation and Melanoma Research Alliance have got together with professional football coach Bill Cowher to help raise awareness about the skin cancer and educate the American public. About 1 in every five American has a strong risk of developing melanoma. Supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Melanoma Exposed is going to organize public events with professional football teams like Denver Broncos, Baltimore Ravens, New York Giants and Miami Dolphins.

Every individually with light eyes and fair skin is at a strong risk to develop the skin cancer , especially due to long hours of exposure to sun. It is those long daily and slow exposures to sun that are more dangerous for your skin. Certain factors that raise your risk for melanoma are light hair, Caucasian (white) ancestry, light skin, a higher number of moles, funny looking moles and heredity. Although you will come across only 10% of cases running in families, still it is a high risk factor. So if you know somebody in your family who has or had Melanoma, then you need to be all the more careful and start taking all the precautions.

In case you see any anomalies in the moles or any other abnormality or growth on your skin, see a dermatologist immediately. He will do the necessary tests and maybe a biopsy to rule out melanoma. Early detection makes it easy to cure the cancer completely. It has been found that men are more likely to get the cancer as compared with women.

We will be the first ones to notice any changes in our skin but certainly cannot diagnose ourself. The right and essential step to be taken is to get in touch with our doctor as soon as possible and seek his guidance. May be it is nothing or even if it is melanoma, you will be glad that you detected it early.

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Ricky June 3, 2012 - 5:21 am

Be a part of Melanoma Exposed and don’t miss out on this educational campaign and join hands with everyone to curb the cancer right in its roots.

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