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Teeny Tiny Changes That Will Instantly Improve Your Diet

by Ana

Everyone can benefit from making a few small changes to their diet. In fact, it’s the small changes the make the big differences. Instantly switching to a whole new diet is destined for failure. To improve your diet, you need teeny tiny alterations; it’s the only way you’ll stick to a new routine.

We’ve pulled together some expert dietary tips to make your current diet healthier. This isn’t some fad diet or miracle cure. You won’t lose ten pounds in a day! But, you’ll boost your energy, kickstart your immune system, and lose weight over time. This is a healthy and responsible way to diet.

Switch coffee to green tea

Let’s start with your morning routine. That first cup of coffee is a good antioxidant. But, it’s packed full of caffeine that will cause mood issues and energy lulls. Instead, opt for a healthier green tea option. The benefits of green tea are numerous. It has all the antioxidants you need, plus studies show it helps burn fat and improve brain function.

Pour out the fizzy drinks

Our bodies are not designed to process large amounts of sugar. It isn’t part of the normal body system, so it simply turns it into fat. Cutting out sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health. Start with those fizzy drinks! Replace it with a sweet fruit juice if you still have that sugar craving.

Stick to an eating schedule

The healthiest way to eat is with small, regular meals. The experts suggest that six small meals a day is the optimum weight loss routine. Of course, who has time for this? If you can’t squeeze in six meals, at least stick to a sensible breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No more skipping breakfast!

Add an extra piece of fruit or veg to every meal

Eating five portions of fruit or veg a day seems a lot! But, if you break it down and add them to your diet slowly, it’s easier than you think. Start by adding a piece of fruit to your breakfast cereal. Add an apple to your lunch and chuck an extra vegetable into the evening dinner. That’s three easy extras.


Brown instead of white

We all need carbohydrates to give us energy and brainpower. However, our bodies turn unused carbs into fat, so try to limit your intake. A quick solution here is to choose brown carbs over white. We’re talking about brown bread, brown rice, and wholemeal pasta. It’s a healthier way to get that carbohydrate hit.

White instead of red

No, we’re not talking about wine (which you should cut down on!) This is all about meat. Meat and fish are the best way to get essential protein into your diet and strengthen muscle. But, choose the lean white meats like chicken, turkey, and white fish rather than fatty red meats like beef and pork.

Finding a healthier eating routine is all about making teeny tiny changes. Make your diet manageable and realistic, and you’ll see long-term progress. Let us know any other tricks that have worked for you!

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