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Anti-Nutrients That Can Affect Your Fertility Levels

by Vinay M

Just as there are various nutrients which supports our body in improving fertility, there are several anti-nutrients too, which leave a negative impact on our body, which leads to infertility.

Following list will help you to identify the anti-nutrients, especially if you are planning to get pregnant, you need to avoid these foods.



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GMO is not a nutrient or even a food, it’s something, which can make our food products bad and we need to avoid it.The full form of GMO is Genetically Modified Organism. It refers to an organism whose genetic composition has been tampered using cutting edge genetic engineering techniques. GMO foods are those, which are grown bigger artificially, have the power to resist insects and also exhibit resistance towards herbicides. These GMO foods have been transformed from having natural nutrients to having nutrients that have a bad impact on our fertility along with some other health ailments.

Fat Free Diet Foods:

Fat Free Diet Foods

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Diet foods or fat free foods have inadequate nutritional value compared to various whole food products. However to make them taste good, they are infused with nothing artificial sugar and artificial flavors. So try to stay away from these chemical containing foods and get something which are antioxidants, various nutrients and fiber rich.

Plastic Water Bottles:

Plastic Water Bottles

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Those thin plastic bottles infuses chemicals known as xeno hormones in the drinking water. This chemical can imitate estrogen in our body, which leads to excessive high levels of estrogen and leaves no space for other important hormones. Such a situation could be the reason behind hormonal inequality as well as infertility too.

To avoid such situations try to use a glass bottle or even Mason jars or stainless steel bottles. Instead of buying those plastic water bottles, try to buy water, which comes in a glass bottle.

Conventional Meats:

Conventional Meats

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Because of the presence of synthetic hormones in conventional meats, they can affect your fertility directly. So while you are having these meats, you are getting those hormones too, which can leave a bad impact on your reproductive health. So try to have organic meats, instead of these conventional stuff.

Conventional Dairy:

Conventional Meats

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Same thing is applicable for conventional dairy too. It has added antibiotics as well as hormones too. So the best option is to avoid it completely.



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Soy foods have a compound which imitates estrogen in our body. This unanimous estrogen levels turn so high that it can impact fertility and also can create problems for the fetus. Soy foods need to be avoided by both women and men planning to get pregnant, during pregnancy and also during childhood.

Soy cereal, soy cheese, soy meats can be substituted with soy milk. Rice milk as well as almond milk are good substitutes for soy milk too.

Hydrogenated Oils:

These oils are full of unhealthy Trans fats, which leave several bad impacts on our health over a period of time, so try to get some good alternatives like coconut oil. This is a super healthy substitute especially for your reproductive health.



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Processed sugars like corn sugar, white sugar, corn syrup, shite sugar are bad for our health. When someone consumes these sugars every day, it can lead to insulin resistance, where our body fails to react to the release of insulin. This could be the reason behind various health issues, one such is PCOS, which can enhance the risk of miscarriage as well as effect the ovulation too.

So avoiding processed sugars is one of the best things that you can do.Maintain a healthier, fertility friendly diet. Let’s be clear, I am not recommending you to eat sugar-free foods or diet sodas either, as they are also known to cause many health issues as well and should be avoided with as much vigor. What I am recommending you is to eat instead a healthy, whole food, plant-based diet (you can include meat as well, it is totally up to you) as nature intended and avoid processed sugar.

Some ideas as a substitute for processed sugar are, honey (in small quantities), dates, stevia and maple syrup.

Avoid Caffeine:


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Studies have revealed that excessive caffeine consumption can increase the chance of miscarriage, so try to limit this to a single cup daily. You can have smoothies or herbal tea instead of caffeine.

White Carbohydrates:

White Carbohydrates

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Food products like refined carbohydrates (white rice, pasta, white bread, white flour) transform into sugar and are not able to give us the various important nutrients that our body needs. So try to go for whole wheat, which is rich in fiber (whole wheat pasta, wheat bread, brown rice etc.).

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