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How to protect your skin?

by Ana

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin and causes skin cancers. Researchers have illustrated that the caspase-14 protein – whichprotect-your-skin_jpg has unknown function up to now, not only maintain the balance of moisture in the skin but also provide protection against UVB rays present in sunlight. Future planning is to increase the production of caspase-14 that will provide new possibilities of strengthening the skin as a barrier against all kinds of external stress.

The lack of caspase-14 has very harmful effects on the skin function as a protective barrier, which results in dehydration and very low protection against UVB. Although with the few useful tips, skin can be protected from the external stresses.

Face washing in the early morning removes the waste material that build up in face pores as you sleep. These waste products mostly consist of internal and external toxic wastes, sebum, and sweat. The process of deposing toxins occurs during the whole day. So wash your face in the evening too. Washing also remove makeup residue stuff that irritate the skin and may cause acne.

Face washing also prepares your skin for the use of moisturizers and sunscreen lotions. Putting skin freshener products on dirty skin trap the dirt particles and dead skin cells which lead to the clogged pores. I someone suffers from acne, NEVER go to bed without face washing. Dirty skin encourages acne while sleeping.

It is really essential to tone the skin. In past, the purpose of toning was to balance and maintain the required pH of skin. Now, toners are humectants also. The motive of humectants is to enhance moisturizers work by binding moisture with the skin. The best toners also contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, which further provide protection to your skin.

A good moisturizer helps to keep your skin moist, and provide protection against dryness all day long. Be careful while choosing a moisturizer keeping in view the type of your skin. If it irritates you and cause rash, or redness, quit using it at once and switch to that one which has different composition. Lighter lotions usually contain humectants such as urea, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or sorbitol that has the hydrophilic property and work by attracting water molecules to the skin and keep it moist.

Heavier moisturizers contain ingredients such as Sheabutter (an African tree), petrolatum, and mineral oil that soften the skin add a protective layer as well. Choose the best cleansers, toners, and moisturizers which suit you from the same line. More often they designed to be used in combination to give you better results.

Use a sunscreen
that has SPF of 15 or higher. One can use a moisturizer or foundation, with sunscreen. Sunscreen is absorbed by the skin within two to three hour and need to be reapplied after a specific span of time throughout the day. Sunscreens use chemicals to prevent the sunlight UVB penetration which avoid skin cancer and reduce wrinkles. Cover the entire area of your face with a sufficient amount of sunscreen, including neck. Be sure that you have sun protection through out the day, not just when you are exposed to the sun. Sun exposure cause almost 80% of skin damage. Sun exposure while you are driving a car, walking into an open building, or just about anywhere outside like beach.

Specialists confirm that many types of adult skin cancers are caused by lack of sun protection in the childhood. Just once acute sunburn in child can create skin cancer 20 to 30 years later. Always use an SPF of 15 or higher, on children skin daily. Look one which is light oil based and contain ingredients which provide protection against UVA and UVB. Specialists also emphasize on the excessive intake of water in the morning. As water not only moist the skin it also makes the skin to glow.

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