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How to Keep Your Smile Healthy for All Those Selfies

by Ana

In a world obsessed with selfies, it’s important to look your best. After all, that picture you post on the Internet will be seen by a large number of people, so you want to be sure you’re showing off all your best qualities.

When it comes to selfies, one of your best qualities will be your smile. After all, you don’t want to take a great picture and have people obsess over (or even simply notice) that gap, crack, or stain on your teeth. If you want to keep your smile healthy for all those selfies, here are a few tips.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Brushing your teeth is one of the easiest ways to have a great smile. Brushing your teeth will keep your teeth nice and clean, and it will also help to prevent any gum or oral disease. You should get in the habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed, but you can also start to brush your teeth after eating or drinking to remove any food particles from your teeth. Invest in a travel toothbrush and bring it with you so you can tidy up your mouth even while on the go.


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Floss your teeth regularly.

Along with simply brushing your teeth, flossing your teeth is also important when it comes to keeping your teeth looking their best. Flossing helps to remove plaque and other bacteria and build up that is located between your teeth and in those other areas that are too hard for your toothbrush to reach. You should floss after you brush your teeth, but you can also toss some floss in your purse or pocket for a deep cleaning at any time.

Get regular dental cleanings.

Even if you take great care of your teeth, having your teeth professionally cleaned by a dentist can keep your teeth in tip-top shape. A dentist has all the tools and resources to ensure your teeth get a deep cleaning that can fight off disease or injury to your teeth. Plus, your dentist will also be able to check your teeth for signs of underlying issues as well as fix any issues you may have. For example, if you have gaps or cracks in your teeth, your dentist will be able to fix these issues, giving you the perfect smile that you’ll want for your selfies.

Whiten your teeth.

One way to have the best smile for all those selfies is to have a beautifully white smile. This is something you can do at the dentist, or it’s something you can in the comfort of your own home. There are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening kits you can buy at your local pharmacy, or you can even purchase whitening toothpaste, which will help you get a white smile by simply brushing your teeth. If you’re looking for something that works quickly, talk with your dentist about the options he or she may be able to provide.

Having a beautiful smile is important, and it’s something you can easily accomplish on your own by practicing good oral hygiene. Use these tips and talk with your dentist to ensure you have the best oral healthcare regimen for a beautiful selfie smile.

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