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Common Lifestyle Practices That Can Wreck Your Teeth

by Souti
Practices That Can Wreck Your Teeth

We all usually follow certain things like brushing, flossing, visiting dentist etc. to keep our teeth healthy. However, we don’t usually put much focus on the fact that there are a few habits which can leave wreck our teeth. The following article will help us to realize that certain lifestyle & regular habits can ruin our teeth, so it’s time to change.

Ice Chewing:

We have a misconception that ice is sugar free so we can have it as much as we want to. However because of chewing ice cubes your teeth can easily get cracked. On the other hand chewing hard objects for a long period of time can irritate the soft tissue of the inside of your teeth & instigates toothaches. Cold or hot food can easily provoke the pain, which can linger for a long period of time. So try to get some sugar free gums as a substitute for ice cubes.

Piercing Your Tongue:

Piercing Your Tongue

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Tongue piercing is a current fashion trend, especially among young people. Nevertheless if you by mistake bite on the metal, then there is possibility of cracking your teeth. Experts have revealed that long term tongue jewelry can enhance chances of gum ailments, which could even result in losing your teeth. This sort of jewelry not only leads to gum problems, it could even abate gum tissues too. Lip piercing is equally dangerous. As we know mouth is an area where bacteria can easily grow, these short of piercing just instigates more infections in your mouth.

Fruit Drinks Along With Sodas:


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Majority of fruit drinks & sodas are full of sugar. So make sure you have gone through the label before buying it, otherwise you are going to expose your teeth to these extreme sugary drinks. In addition to regular sodas, soda diet or sugar free sodas are a rich source of phosphoric acid, tartaric & citric acid, which can also decay your teeth. If you are really having a hard time to stay away from these sugary drink, then at least try to brush or use water to clean your mouth just after having those sugary stuff. According experts, there are very few differences between the bad impacts from diet & regular sodas.

Playing Sports With No Mouth Guard:

Playing Sports

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Sports like hockey, football or any other any other sports, where people comes in each other’s close physical contact, you should wear mouth guard before getting into the field. It’s a kind of plastic mold, which can protect the teeth of your upper row. In case you are not wearing it, there is a chance that when the action gets rough your teeth might get damaged, knocked off etc. If you are an athlete then you can get help from your dentist in getting a customized guard.

Using Teeth As A Tool:

When you are using your teeth in more ways than just chewing food, like opening bottle caps or tearing plastic bags then only you are responsible for your teeth’s injuries. As per dental experts you need to stop these wreck less habits as early as you can otherwise it could even lead to cracking of your teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth Extremely Hard or Not Brushing Enough:

Brushing Your Teeth Extremely Hard

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Sometimes we feel so tired at night that we simply ignore the brushing & go to sleep. According to experts we should not skip brushing at night. In fact we need to spend at least two minutes twice to brush our teeth & it will help us in keeping our teeth healthy.Sometimes we think that brushing hard would clean our teeth well, but in the reality brushing extremely hard can disturb our gums & even lead to teeth damage too.

Using Cough Drops Often:

Thinks twice before using cough drops as a remedy for cough or dry mouth. According to Dr. Doan it contains so much of sugar, that it can aggravate your tooth decay quite easily.

Clenching or Even Grinding Your Teeth:

Sometimes it becomes really hard to stay away from such wreck less habit, because people tend to do this during their sleep too. This repetitive motion results in wear and tear of your teeth and causes pain in your teeth and jaws. So you need to consult with your dentist for any kind of night time support.

Tobacco Chewing:


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We all knew about the effects of such habits. It not only ruins your teeth, it can even lead to cancer as well. So do whatever you need to do to stay away from this deadly habit.

Providing Bottles During Bedtime:

Providing a juice or milk bottle during your baby’s sleep time is quite common. However this is nothing but pushing them towards the path to teeth problems. Your baby might prefer this kind of sleeping & for you also it’s an easy task to put them in bed. It will leave their teeth sugary the whole night. Though it could be really difficult during the initial few days, but you need to stay focused to keep bottle away.

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