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Missing Teeth: Why You Should Consider Dental Implants

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Missing teeth - dental implants

It’s a fact of life that as you age, your teeth can sometimes wear down and crack. This holds true for both men and women. When a tooth breaks, oral surgeons will have no choice but to perform an extraction. A missing tooth like a molar, for instance, can leave a significant gap in your jaw which, in time can actually cause a portion of your jawbone to sink. It can also cause you difficulty when it comes to properly chew your food.

What’s the answer to pulled and/or missing teeth? You have a choice. You can invest in dentures or dental implants. Says Yukon Dentistry, a denturist in Yukon, dentures have taken a leap forward with computer designed digital denture technology. New dentures can now be rapidly and accurately milled right in the dentist’s facility.

But what if you don’t need a full set of dentures? You will then want to look into dental implants. Experts attest that dental implants can provide a restorative solution when it comes to the loss of one or more teeth. Over the years, implants have been growing in popularity since it provides the most “toothlike” answer to replacing badly missed teeth. The implant’s screw actually serves as a root, or anchor, replacement in the jawbone and thereby allows it to maintain its strength.

In fact, dental implant surgery is becoming so popular especially among aging “Boomers” that the industry is poised for significant growth over the course of the next five years. According to a news article, Market Research Future or MRFR claims that by 2027, the dental implant market could reach as much as $623.8 million.

Let’s face it (no pun), changes to facial structure due to extracted teeth can reduce the overall aesthetics of a person. This is why cosmetic dentistry in both North America and Europe is said to be booming.

Natural Looking Teeth

The preference for dental implants among patients is said to be directly linked to more natural looking teeth. Full stop. While the demand for cosmetic surgery like dental implants is more common among Boomers and the elderly, millennials are said to be getting in the action.

With dental implants being so closely linked to cosmetic facial surgery, the market has no choice but to grow in the coming years. This will have a “profound impact” on the dental implant market as a whole. It will also bring down prices which will make a dental implant procedure all the more attractive.

With disposal incomes said to be on the rise and an increase in overall healthcare awareness and spending, facial appearance enhancement should propel the demand for dental implant surgery like never before.

Technological Developments

Say the experts, technological developments in the dental implant industry should provide substantial business opportunities for manufacturers over the course of the next five years. High tech advances such as “painless implantation procedures” along with “customized implants” which are said to do away with the need for follow-up dental visits, will further push the market forward.

Other major advancements in the dental implant industry include surface modifications that greatly improve the dentistry procedure. These days, the implant process is taking advantage of CAD/CAM and 3D printing tech for creating customized implants. These innovative solutions are said to offer lots of patient benefits over those of older, more traditional implant procedures.

Dental implant facial reconstruction is also said to be an emerging dental procedure even inside “emerging countries.”

Strategic Measures

Experts attest that many of the prominent dental companies are emphasizing “strategic measures” which include but are not limited to the launch of unique products according to consumer preference, company mergers, collaborations, partnerships, and new business acquisitions.

When it comes to propelling the dental implant market, the formation of alliances will assist with bolstering product ranges while, at the same time, elevating business positions in the dental implant market.

For example, in January of 2022, two major dental companies, Western Dental & Orthodontics and Renew LLC, joined together on behalf of the development of high-performance dental implants which are backed up by removable anchored dentures. This new procedure is said to not only be more affordable but also more easily accessible.

Market Breakdown for Dental Implants

Dental imaging software, patient communication software, treatment planning software, and practice management software are said to be just some of the primary computer software currently being developed and utilized in the dental implant sector.

Web-based, cloud-based, and on-premise tools, are said to be the major “deployment-based segments” that are listed in recent dental industry reports. Dental market implant end-users consist of dental clinics, medical centers, hospitals, and more. At the same time, North America will likely remain as the top dental implant market.

With purchasing power via modern mobile devices spiking, and the dental cosmetic industry blooming among Boomers and Millennials alike, the dental implant business does indeed has a bright future.

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