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6 Simple Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

by Vinay M
Prevent Tooth Decay

Who doesn’t love a dazzling smile? But tooth decay can come in the way of you and your beautiful smile. It does not only destroy the enamel (outer layer of tooth) but also the dentin layer of tooth. Here are 6 simple ways you can prevent tooth decay and keep your oral hygiene game strong!

  1. Make a Habit of Brushing Regularly:

    Make a Habit of Brushing Regularly

    Image by: Pixabay

Brushing regularly (twice a day) is a recommended practice. Make a habit of brushing after each meal, especially before going to bed to prevent the food particles from forming a biofilm over the enamel. At early stages, this sticky film doesn’t gather enough bacteria to harm the tooth, but over a long span it causes decay and gum diseases. Electric toothbrushes provide complete attention to each tooth making sure that no contamination stays behind. They also make sure your arms don’t have to work much if you feel lazy early in the morning.

  1. Use Fluoride to Strengthen your Teeth:

    Use Fluoride to Strengthen your Teeth

    Image by: Pixabay

Fluoride is an essential mineral for your teeth. It strengthens the teeth and prevents them from decaying. Make sure you opt for fluoride-rich toothpaste, so that your teeth get a pint of fluoride each day. Drinking fluoridated water is also a good practice for healthy teeth. Besides, fluoride mouthwash is another way to avoid tooth decay. Rinsing with fluoride mouthwash is not only a source of fluoride for your teeth, but also contains antiseptics to remove plague that results in tooth decay.

  1. Be Honest During Dental Checkups:

    Be Honest During Dental Checkups

    Image by: Pexels

Let’s admit we’re not completely honest about our oral habits with our dentists. Many of us are just embarrassed so we simply start flossing and scrubbing our teeth a week before visiting the dentist to create a good impression. Having regular dental checkups is a healthy habit, but your dentist may not be able to help you if you’re not completely honest with them. Talking to your dentist about your actual oral habits can motivate you to do better. Your dentist may even suggest fluoride supplements and good mouthwashes to overcome any oral problem.

  1. Introduce Flossing to your Daily Routine:

    Introduce Flossing to your Daily Routine

    Image by : Robert Anthony Provost

Flossing is as important as brushing your teeth. Brushing alone may not be able to capture food particles stuck in the crevices of your teeth which can ultimately leave you with sore gums. So, it’s better to use a dental floss after every time you brush. Flossing get between your teeth to give them the care they deserve.

  1. Avoid Sugary Foods and Acidic Drinks:

    Avoid Sugary Foods

    Image by: Pixabay

Your teeth can decay faster with the excessive use of sugar. Starchy foods are also some serious culprits of tooth decay. When the starch is combined with amylase (enzyme present in saliva), it creates an acid that promotes tooth decay over the time. Always brush after intaking foods that are bad for your teeth. The use of acidic drinks like sodas, energy and fruit drinks (with high sugar content) that have pH below 5.5 should also be reduced. Coffee, milk and brewed tea are a bit acidic too, but not much harmful. Water is the best drink to consume with its neutral pH.

  1. Try Out Oil Pulling Technique:

    Coconut Oil

    Image by: Phu Thinh Co

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic technique that requires swishing of 1tbsp of coconut oil in your mouth for a couple of minutes. This process not only used to reduce tooth decay but also reverse tooth cavity naturally!

Featured Image by: Pixabay

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