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5 Fantastic Foods That Fight Tooth Decay

by Souti
Drink tea

There are various steps a person can take to prevent cavities from forming. The most common form being brushing our teeth after each meal. And we also know to not skip out on dental services to avoid cavities. But have you ever considered that there might be foods that could help prevent cavities? Read on for 5 foods you can eat that will help fight tooth decay as you chow down.

1. Eat cheese.

Some research has found that a protein present in cheese may go far in fighting cavity formation and promoting the health of your teeth. It’s called casein. And in studies of this property, it has been noted that calcium levels rise in the mouth after eating cheese. Strong teeth mean they are less prone to decay. So eating cheese can make your teeth stronger!

Eat cheese

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2. Drink tea.

In one study, researchers had participants rinse their mouths with black tea for 1 minute, 10 times in one day. Those who did had less plaque buildup than those who only rinsed their mouths with water. Tea has been shown to negate the ability of bacteria to cling together. And for those who need a refresher as to how teeth decay, here’s what happens. The residue of food left over in our mouths after we eat can cause bacteria to build up. Which in time turns to plaque. And plaque can eat away at the outer coating of enamel on your teeth. And that is how cavities are born. Green tea has also shown the same ability to reduce bacteria levels in the mouth. Naturally, this bacteria-negating effect does not apply to teas that are sweetened. But straight black tea and green tea lovers may rejoice.

Drink tea

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3. Chew gum.

This one might seem strange at first. Particularly those who were castigated for chewing gum in their younger years. But chewing gum that is sugar free is actually a long-standing recommendation in cavity prevention. Note that this only applies to gum without sugars. Xylitol is the type of gum to look for. Bacteria grows when sugars or starches are left on the teeth. Since Xylitol has neither, it has been thought to be an effective measure for preventing bacteria from spreading.

Chew gum

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4.  Eat raisins.

At first thought to cause cavities, raisins are now being touted as having properties that fight oral bacteria. Those properties are polyphenols and flavonoids. Research, on this one, however, is still underway. While lab testings have shown that the presence of these chemicals do reduce bacteria in test cases, they also recommend caution. What has yet to be fully determined is if those bacteria fighting properties outweigh the sugar dose that raisins contain.

Eat raisins

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5. Try a glass of milk.

The benefits of that daily glass of milk just continue to grow. In research published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, one case study stands out. Drinking a glass of milk after eating foods high in sugar lowered levels of acid in the mouth, more than say, drinking water or apple juice did.

Try a glass of milk

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According to the research team, milk neutralizes the acid produced by bacteria. Of course, this is not the case if the milk is sweetened or contains high amounts of sugar. So, for instance, a glass of cocoa with high levels of sugar will not have this same effect as a glass of non-sweetened milk.

Of course, eating these various foods cannot fully replace the need or necessity to brush one’s teeth at least twice a day. And some experts recommend brushing after each meal. Or rinsing your mouth with water. But perhaps you are in a pinch and your toothbrush is nowhere to be found? And you need a quick way to get rid of bacteria in your mouth after a meal or a midday snack? Yes, you can safely try out one of the foods on this list.

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