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Helping your family to consume less sugar

by Souti

We all want to keep our family healthy, but we need to know the proper ways in this regard. One of the important family-sugar-intakefactors is reducing the sugar consumption.  Excessive sugar ingest can lead to blood sugar problem, cavities, obesity etc.

•    Consuming sugar is a habit mostly common among children. To help them grow a good habit provide them fresh fruits, whole grain crackers, nuts instead of foods full of refined sugar like cookies etc. This habit will help them to stay healthy.

•    While purchasing food products go for unsweetened food products like- oatmeal, cold cereal etc instead (so that you can use the sugar substitute) of pre sweetened.

•    While you are preparing a cake or cookie use half of the total required amount of sugar & fill the next half with sugar substitute. Several spices (cinnamon raisins also) also help you to get the sweet flavour; you just need to identify them.

•    While you are trying to reduce the sugar consumption in your family, don’t ever eliminate them completely. It can encourage depression as well as your family will turn desperate to have them.

•    For your family’s well-being instead of sodas (full of sugar) give them fruit juices with full of valuable nutrients. You can also provide sugar free soda as a replacement for soft drinks.

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Stef September 12, 2009 - 12:47 pm

Recommending that children avoid sugar by consuming large amounts of artificial sweetener instead is not a good idea.
There are all sorts of suspected health risks for aspartame, asulfame – K & saccharin which are the 3 major sugar substitutes. And very little testing has been done on the new sweeteners that have emerged on the market (such as stevia) to conclusively prove their safety for children.
If parents are afraid their children are getting too much sugar in their diet the best solution is to skip candy and go for fresh fruit and other foods that are naturally sweet like raisins that have natural sugars, and exchange pop and fruit drink for pure fruit juices.

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