Sugar Triggers the Functioning of Antibiotics

The study says that sweet stuff wakes up Bacteria in taking up medicine. A spoon of sugar taken with the medicine, not only makes the swallowing of medicine easy, it increases the potency of the medicine.

The results of the study show that Sugar can make some antibiotics more effective in decreasing the Bacterial Infections.

The researcher says that addition of Sugar to medication may not be good for some dangerous Bacterial Infections including Tuberculosis and Staph etc.

Image by Caro Wallis

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Helping your family to consume less sugar

We all want to keep our family healthy, but we need to know the proper ways in this regard. One of the important family-sugar-intakefactors is reducing the sugar consumption.  Excessive sugar ingest can lead to blood sugar problem, cavities, obesity etc.

•    Consuming sugar is a habit mostly common among children. To help them grow a good habit provide them fresh fruits, whole grain crackers, nuts instead of foods full of refined sugar like cookies etc. This habit will help them to stay healthy.

•    While purchasing food products go for unsweetened food products like- oatmeal, cold cereal etc instead (so that you can use the sugar substitute) of pre sweetened.

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Steps for Dealing with Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction might be something new, but it is a serious problem among people of all age groups. They just can’t live without the taste of sugar or something sweet. Even people take sugary treats whenever they feel depressed. This addiction can lead to diseases like- tremors, anxiety, fatigue, headache etc. Excessive sugar consumption can even lead to high blood sugar which enhances the risk of heart diseases.

•    First & foremost thing is to identify the problem that you are addicted to sugar.

•    You are required keeping distance from artificial sweeteners or sugar substitute in soft drinks etc.

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Roasted Papaya with Brown Sugar

Papaya is an excellent antioxidant along with other necessary nutrients like- folate, vitamin B, magnesium, potassium papaya2& minerals. It has potential to resist colon cancer & improve the cardiovascular system. Papaya also contains papain, a digestive enzyme. This outstanding source of vitamin A & C can promote your immune system. Papaya is also a good remedy for flu & colds. Consumption of papaya is effective for intestines & stomach. Papaya juice is an effective remedy for nausea & is able to resist constipation.

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Low-Sugar Cranberry Orange Bread

It is a rich source of antibacterial agents & is able to resist infections at urinary track. It has the potential to improve cranberry-bread-1the blood vessel functioning which is useful for people suffering from atherosclerosis. Cranberries are effective remedy for controlling your cholesterol level. It is also beneficial for high blood pressure; controlling the diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc. Study revealed that it has ability to fight against cancer.

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Premixed Insulin Provides Better Glycemic Control

Premixed insulin, combination of short and long-acting kinds of the hormone, provides better blood-sugar control in comparison with long-acting insulin alone or oral therapies, a new study finds.

Two types of premixed insulin — premixed human insulin and premixed insulin analogues (human insulin which is genetically engineered), appeared to have the same advantages.

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