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Heel pain and how to treat it

by Ana

Common causes of heel pain, and how to treat it.

Human foot consists of 26 bones among them heel is the largest bone. Along the heel bone, several ligaments, tendons, and muscles heel_pain_jpgmake complete structure of the foot which may affect the way the heel feels or works.
Heel pain can be caused by so many ways. Some heel pain originates from an injury while sometime, extra growth of heel bone can cause the trouble this condition builds up over time. Apart from the cause of heel pain, rest, ice, and/or anti-inflammatory medicine almost always made it better. If these options failed to control pain, a podiatrist (foot doctor) should be concerned.

Causes of heel pain

Heel pain can be caused by different ways but some common conditions are as follow:


Common heel pain is frequently not caused by a medical malfunction, but it shows a sign of stress in the area of the heel. Wearing the incorrect kind of shoe, walking barefoot (especially on uneven and hard surfaces), or being overweight can cause this stress. When measures are taken to resolve these problems, individuals also feel a clear decrease in their pain.


A clear cause of heel pain is an injury of the heel, sometime during walking, jogging, jumping or various other physical activities like sports where you might land incorrectly. There are number of ways to avoid heel pain originated during physical activity, including feet stretching, Achilles tendon and calf muscle before starting exercise. It is important to purchase appropriate shoes regarding to the activity and replace as these start to de-shape.

Plantar Fasciitis

Another cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis. This develops when the plantar fascia (a connective tissue running along the bottom of the foot) is strained over time and becomes tender. A major symptom of this condition is the worst pain upon waking in the early morning. The first step out of bed is often unbearably painful and pain subsides throughout the day. This happens because the plantar fascia has been relaxing through the night, and when the first step is taken, the inflamed tissue is stretched, resulting in painful walking.

If this condition persists without relief after using preventions, a podiatrist often prescribes heel lifts, nighttime leg braces, or physical therapy, with the objective of healing the plantar fascia.

Heel Spur

A condition that is actually visible by x-ray is a bone spur. A spur is a terminology used for the growth of bone that can occur anywhere in the skeleton, but is especially painful when it settles on the underside of the heel. Walking becomes impossible and quick relief is required. Occasionally a bone spur is so large and bothersome that it required a surgery for removal.

Heel Bruise

Heel bruise can occur during any sport or in accident when hard object directly impacts the heel. This condition is very painful but heals with time and care.

Tips for Heel Pain

Lose weight

If you are carrying excessive weight than your BMI, your foot is working in a different way and putting more pressure on heels. If your added weight is due to pregnancy, be sure to wear good fitting, supportive shoes while you are pregnant.

Shoe replacement

Replace your shoes regularly. It depends on how active you are a pair of shoes can be replaced twice or thrice a year. Do not wear the same shoes everyday, and do not keep shoes that show excessive wear.


Always stretch before exercise and attempt any exercise program which feels good. Your feet should never hurt when you exercise. Do not walk or run barefooted. Heel pain occurs when feet are not properly supported and being barefoot is the least supported way to move.

In dealing with any kind of heel pain, doctor of podiatry is the best choice. If your heel pain is not reducing with self care methods, rest, ice, and anti-inflammatory medicine, you must make an appointment to see a good podiatrist.

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