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Foot Calluses – Causes and Treatment

If you have foot calluses, you know how aggravating and unsightly they can be. Calluses on the feet can make walking extremely painful, and they can also hurt when shoes or socks rub against them. Foot calluses are small patches of rough and discolored skin and although they can develop on the feet, they are common in other parts of the body too; if you use tools or play a musical instrument, you may get calluses on the hands. A callus on the sole of the foot can be especially painful and is known as a plantar callus. A callus is not the same thing as a corn, although people tend to lump them together, and corns can be just as annoying and as painful.

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Heel pain and how to treat it

Common causes of heel pain, and how to treat it.

Human foot consists of 26 bones among them heel is the largest bone. Along the heel bone, several ligaments, tendons, and muscles heel_pain_jpgmake complete structure of the foot which may affect the way the heel feels or works.
Heel pain can be caused by so many ways. Some heel pain originates from an injury while sometime, extra growth of heel bone can cause the trouble this condition builds up over time. Apart from the cause of heel pain, rest, ice, and/or anti-inflammatory medicine almost always made it better. If these options failed to control pain, a podiatrist (foot doctor) should be concerned.

Causes of heel pain

Heel pain can be caused by different ways but some common conditions are as follow:

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