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Healthy Menopause Diet

by Souti

Menopause is a normal phase in a woman’s life; it’s a end of menstruation when they are not capable of being pregnant. It is a phase when they reach the minimum level of estrogen & progesterone hormones. It’s a different stage of their life & might be the start of several other sufferings. So they need to take care of their body during this phase.

•    Try to eat fresh food. Instead of buying ready to eat foods try to cook simple food.
•    Make strong efforts to take five portions of vegetables & fruits each day.
•    Try to create a habit of consuming vegetables in every meal & fruits as snacks from now.
•    Try to eliminate high calorie foods, like cheese, dairy products, meat etc.
•    You can arrange your diet in the following way like- few apple pieces in your cereal, for snacks few carrot sticks, salad in lunch, apricots (dried) with teatime biscuits, at least 3-4 vegetables for dinner & banana before sleep.
•    Turn to whole grains paste, breads, rice, cereals etc. Try to consume proper nutrients which are full of fibres.
•    Try to lower the amount of fast foods/junk foods from your menopausal diet. Try to consume them as much less as you can.
•    Keep distance from slimming food/diet. It can create problems in this stage of your life.
•    For menopausal women heart friendly diet is a necessity. Try to switch to a heart healthy diet & eliminate fat, full of calorie, oily foods.
•    Osteoporosis is one of the major problems of menopausal women. Try to consume foods which are excellent sources of calcium. Even include low fat dairy products & green veggies in your diet.
•    Cancer can also occur after menopause so anti cancer diet in very important for women in such stage.

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