Vegetarian Diet: Some Reasons

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian diet is always beneficial for your overall health as well as for environmental reason. It has the potential to vegetarian-diet1enhance your immune system as well as improve your cardiovascular health. The several advantages of vegetarian diet are follows:

•    Vegetables contain low calories & quite less fat, which help you to maintain your shape as well as body weight. On the other hand vegetables are rich source of fiber, which help you to feel fuller for longer periods of time.

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Complementing your workout with a balanced diet

Proper eating before workout is as necessary as the exercise or the workout itself. Excessive food consumption can make you feel heavy. Having knowledge about the appropriate diet before workout is very much required.

Foods that you can consume up to 2 hours before your workout:

  • You should keep distance from the heavy fat containing food or foods that only contains protein or fibre. It can make you feel dilatory & your body will take some large periods of time to digest those foods.
  • Try to consume something light or easy to break down, like carbohydrates etc.

Healthy Menopause Diet

Menopause is a normal phase in a woman’s life; it’s a end of menstruation when they are not capable of being pregnant. It is a phase when they reach the minimum level of estrogen & progesterone hormones. It’s a different stage of their life & might be the start of several other sufferings. So they need to take care of their body during this phase.

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Diet during pregnancy (Do’s & Don’ts)

Pregnancy is carrying a fetus into the mother womb. This is one of the happiest moments for a woman. It’s very crucial to take care of the mother’s health during this time, because it will have long term effects on the baby. Emphasis on your health is essential for your baby.

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Winter: Diminishing Vitamin D Levels May Harm Heart Health

heart attackAccording to the US researchers, the lack of sunshine during winter may cause diminishing vitamin D levels in the body and lead to heart woes.

Sunshine is needed to the body to produce vitamin D, due to less daylight and spending more time indoors in winter can slowdown this process.

Study author Sue Penckofer, who is a professor at the Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing at Loyola University in Chicago, says in a university news release: “Chronic vitamin D deficiency may become the cause ofhigh blood pressure, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.”

In their study, Sue and team reviewed many such studies that associated heart disease to vitamin D deficiency. According to these studies, severe heart disease or heart death rates are 30 to 50 percent higher in the patients with sun-deprived heart diseases.

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Early Introduction of Fish in Infants’ Diet Cuts Eczema Risk, A Swedish Study Concludes.

According to Swedish scientists, adding fish to a child’s diet before nine months of age may decrease the risk of developing eczema.

Eczema is a painful skin condition that has considerably risen in European countries during the past few years. The scientists believe that diet also play a key role in this connection.

In their study, scientists from Sweden tracked the health of children in 5,000 families and found that early use of fish decreased the risk of developing the condition by a quarter.

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