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Functions, Causes, Spymtoms, Diagonosis, Remedies and Transplantation of Kidney Failure

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KidneyThe word kidney is derived from the ancient Greek word Nephoros which means a kidney. Whereas the characteristically kidney is also derived from the Latin word Renes which means a kidney. The kidneys are placed in the latter branch of the belly. The spinal column is interlinked on every part of the kidney. The right kidney is situated beneath the human liver. On the other hand, the left kidney is under the diaphragms along with adjoining areas toward the spleen. In the surrounding of kidneys, there exists the adrenal gland. The left kidney is bigger than the right one.

The kidneys are the important part of human body. All the functions of a human body go through the circulation of kidney. The kidneys are the joint organs to facilitate several genetic functions of the body. The main task of kidneys is to sustain the homeostatic balance of the corpse. The liquid is filtered in the form of urine by the process of metabolism. The kidney is on the edge to the plasma. Where all the amalgams of the human body such as hydrogen, oxygen, glucose, potassium and sodium are coordinated by the process of blood demands, cherry blood cells and metabolism. Nephrology is the therapeutic enclosure of the research of human kidney.

Functions of Human Kidneys

Kidney2As the kidneys are the crucial parts of a human body. They perform certain kinds of functions to maintain a hale and hearty body.

  • Kidneys take away the despoil possessions of the human body from the process of urination.
  • They organize the level of water which keeps on in the body.
  • Kidneys preserve the all kinds of substance poise of the human body.
  • They formulate the hormones. These hormones assist the cadaver to manage the blood pressure.
  • They establish the blood cells.
  • A kidney keeps the functions of bones core alive so as to sustain the vigorous bones.

The blood flows all over the body where it gets the wasted materials. The polluted blood enters into the kidneys all the way through the renal blood vessels. The kidneys are then filtering out the wasted materials of the body in the procession of urination. The urine would surpass from side to side the ureters, taken with the bladder. The fresh and neat blood goes back to the all components of the body. This normal process is carried on throughout the life of human being.Howver when the kidneys do leave their processing’s, the all dirty materials would be remained in the human body which would cause a lots of troubles. This is known as the uremia. The symptoms of uremia are mostly found as sickness, irritation, muscle pain, unclear vision, combined throbbing, vomiting, sleeping disorders etc. The process of dialysis would go to be started right after the kidney’s failure. Where the kidney transplantation would be also be treated for the diseased person.

Causes and Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Kidney5When does a man go through the chronic conditions of his health? He would often be diagnosed in the kidney’s failure. A severe renal failure could lose the kidneys’ main functions so easily. The symptoms and causes of the human kidney failure are mentioned as under.

  • When the influent circulation of the blood gets diminished, the kidney stops its functioning that is known as hypoyolemia.
  • An acute kind of dehydration could cause the vomiting, panic, agitation and diarrhea. This would lead further the damage of kidneys.
  • When the liquid of the body gets contracted, the kidney would get damage slowly and slowly.
  • Obstruction in the blood supply could cause the kidneys in the renal artery or vein damage.
  • When the immunes of the body system contagion. It would then cause the damage of your kidney.
  • The use of medicines without the prescription of the doctor sometimes could cause a severe damage of the kidney. These drugs might be the seditious, ibuprofen, naproxen, lithium etc.
  • In the condition of rhabdomyolysis, the muscle potency would be close up. The process of waste filtration would go into the body circulation. A sort of strain, fatigue, squeeze injury and high cholesterol could tend the kidneys function more let down.
  • In the myeloma breakdown, the glomeruli and inflammation could cause severe kidney problems in the form of erythematosus, Wegener’s granulomatosis and high-quality territory set of symptoms are the best examples of kidney’s failure.
  • The obstruction in the bladder functions could cause the sudden break down of your kidneys. It is happened on the high pressure of bladder functions in an acuting manner.
  • Some hidden tumor would expose in the function of the kidney that could later cause the damage of kidney.
  • Some severe stones could also damage the function of kidneys.
  • The diabetes that is not controlled could cause the kidney failure.
  • Inadequately proscribed high blood pressure could damage the functions of kidneys.
  • Constant glomerulonephritis would damage the kidneys.

Diagnosis of the Kidney Failure

The diagnosis of the kidney failure is researched out by the doctor sitting in laboratories. The normal blood, urine, tumor, waste materials, tests are taken place by the scientists. All the gender, age, race, and culturally oriented things are to be researched so as to conduct the hereditary kidney failure. The tests of blood, sugar and hormones levels are also to be conducted to really diagnose the kidney failure.

Remedies of Kidney Failure

The cure is always been suggested by the medical doctors so as to determine the control of kidney failure. The fatal diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension and diabetes are the major causes of the kidney failure. The scientists have been investigating all the causes of kidney failure from their core of hearties efforts. They are saying by concluding all of their analysis that the people should control on their sugar and blood level. They have got to work out in daily jogging or exercise. Keeping control on the diabetes and blood pressure would be the best remedy of kidney sustainability.

Kidney Transplantation

Kidney1The kidney transplantation is done by the benefactor of the kidney. By receiving a donating kidney, the doctors and scientists would research over the kidney transplantation. They diagnose various kinds of strategies that how a kidney should be transplanted in the diseased person body. For that they relate the donated kidney with the blood of the diseased for exploring out the genetic results. So they could transplant a kidney. The first kidney transplant centre was established in 1950 in the United States of America. How a kidney is transplanted? It is explained as under.

Sporadically, the kidney is transplanted collectively by way of the pancreas. This is completed in patients along checking the diabetic level. The diabetes is occurred by the demolition of the beta cells of the pancreas. Diabetes would cause renal breakdown. This is more or less a dead donor transplant. Barely a small number of living donor pancreases transplantation would have been done in the world. By the procession of the kidney transplantation the risk factors somehow would be mitigated. The life span would be enhanced. This is one of the dam costly surgeries in world.

Concluding Remarks

By having such a detailed discussion, we could summarize our debate in a few more words that existence of human beings in this universe is just because of the kidneys. Each and every part of our body is interconnected with the functions of kidneys. There are many symptoms and causes of the kidney’s failure but how far are we from the adopting the precautionary measures of the kidney damage? We do not use neat and clean water. The habit of smoking is a routine matter rather the exercising. The heavy food stuff is enchanted by us. Lack of awareness is spreading around just because of us. The people are indulging in the diseases of blood pressure, diabetes etc in the very little ages now a day.

The sort of polluted atmosphere is alarming us at a very enormous level. Hence all kinds of stomach, brain, and kidney diseases’ have become the part of our life. Why is it happening? Why do not you understand the kidney’s threat? When do we implement ourselves in the precautions of kidney failure? Surely it is the time to think upon the faults of us.

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TinkerMan April 27, 2008 - 5:16 am

My dad used to have kidney problems that affected his life quite severely. I would urge the medical sciences to keep investing in research and devising ways in which to help people with kidney trouble.

Henshaw Okoroji September 4, 2009 - 1:57 am

Medical science have tried a lot to solve human problems but regarding Kidney and Liver related illments, the number of deaths as a result of lack of awareness and the right medication is disturbing.Solutions are needed.

Henshaw Okoroji

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