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What Causes Chronic Kidney Disease?

Kidney being one of the most vital organs in our body is a reprocessing machine. It filters the blood and sends the waste from our body in the form of urine. And it is very important for this waste to be processed and rightly thrown out of the body This bean shaped organs have over one million filtering units called neutrons. Any abnormalities in their function can cause harm the kidney.

Today we particularly would like to discuss Chronic Kidney Disease. (CKD).

What is Chronic Kidney Disease?

The slow progressively loss of functions of the kidney over a period is called Chronic Kidney Disease. It is also known by the name Chronic Renal Disease. This disease is like a slow poison growing gradually and if undetected or undiagnosed earlier then ends in Kidney Failure.


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Functions, Causes, Spymtoms, Diagonosis, Remedies and Transplantation of Kidney Failure


KidneyThe word kidney is derived from the ancient Greek word Nephoros which means a kidney. Whereas the characteristically kidney is also derived from the Latin word Renes which means a kidney. The kidneys are placed in the latter branch of the belly. The spinal column is interlinked on every part of the kidney. The right kidney is situated beneath the human liver. On the other hand, the left kidney is under the diaphragms along with adjoining areas toward the spleen. In the surrounding of kidneys, there exists the adrenal gland. The left kidney is bigger than the right one.

The kidneys are the important part of human body. All the functions of a human body go through the circulation of kidney. The kidneys are the joint organs to facilitate several genetic functions of the body. The main task of kidneys is to sustain the homeostatic balance of the corpse. The liquid is filtered in the form of urine by the process of metabolism. The kidney is on the edge to the plasma. Where all the amalgams of the human body such as hydrogen, oxygen, glucose, potassium and sodium are coordinated by the process of blood demands, cherry blood cells and metabolism. Nephrology is the therapeutic enclosure of the research of human kidney.

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