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Diabetes During Pregnancy: A Risk

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Diabetes can strike anyone at anytime and age. No one is secure from it and now days this disease is increasing among the people. There is a type of diabetes that strikes pregnant women. Such kind of diabetes is usually noted to disappear after delivering the child, but in some cases women may become permanent patient of diabetes in later years.

A research shows that one in five women returns for the diabetes test within six months of her delivery. That’s the first checkup they are supposed to undergo to stay secure from diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends change in the process by which pregnant women are tested for diabetes. This will identify the moderate cases of diabetes in pregnant women, most of which would just need better nutrition and exercise.

Women can have either insulin dependent or non insulin dependent diabetes during their pregnancy. These women should tightly control their diabetes to reduce the risks for themselves and their babies. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2 to 10 percent women develop diabetes for the first time during their pregnancy. It is known as gestational diabetes which, if not treated well, can lead to overgrown fetus, high chances of undergoing C section and pre-mature deliveries. Due to such risks, medical groups are emphasizing on diabetes tests of pregnant women, but every third woman does not undergo that test. Usually, mother’s glucose level returns to normal few weeks after baby’s birth. Doctors suggest that patients need to be checked within six to 12 weeks for diabetes.

There is some good news for those who are at risk of non insulin dependent diabetes. If they lose few pounds and do exercise for 2 ½ hours a week, this will prevent or at least postpone their diabetes. So, take care of above mentioned things and save your lives from diabetes.

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