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Early Warning Signs of Diabetes

by Vinay M
Signs Of Diabetes

You can’t become a victim of diabetes all of a sudden, it happens over a prolonged period of time according to Melissa Joy Dobbins, RD, a certified diabetes educator in Illinois and a spokes person for the American Association of Diabetes Educators. Sometimes we are unaware about this ailment, even when it’s in the middle phase as per Aaron Cypess, MD, assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and staff physician at Joslin Diabetes Center. The longer the time you spend without any treatment, the more you enhance the risk of kidney ailments, blindness, heart disease, amputation etc. According to Dr.Cypess people who have a family history of diabetes or obesity should get evaluated on a regular basis.If you are feeling that something is wrong, then don’t waste any more time and visit your doctor immediately.

The following symptoms will help you to get an idea & take the next step. For both types of diabetes, there are few common signs:

Feeling Thirsty & Going for Pee very Frequently:

Feeling Thirsty

Image by: Pixabay

As per our normal natural process we go to pee once in every four hours, however for people with diabetes, it could be more often than that. Usually human body soaks up glucose and then it goes out through our kidneys. On the other hand when diabetes forces our blood sugar levels to go up, our kidneys have to work overtime to absorb the increased quantities of glucose and most of the time it can’t bring back all the glucose. This results in our body producing more urine than the fluid we consume. When you are peeing more than usual, it will make you thirsty too & you are compelled to consume more liquid.

Experiencing more Fatigue & Hunger too:

Experiencing more Fatigue

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Usually our body transforms the food we consume into glucose, which the cells use for getting energy. However to get the desired quantities of glucose, our body cells require insulin. When our body is not able to produce any insulin or very little of it or our body gets insulin resistant,then our cells can’t get any energy, because glucose is not able to get into them. This in turn, makes you feel more tired & hungry too.

Vision disorder:

Vision Disorder

Image by: Benjamin Watson

Lenses in our eyes can get swollen, because of the fluctuating fluid levels in our body. Sometimes they face difficulties in focusing.

Having Itchy Skin as Well as Dry Mouth:

Itchy Skin & Dry Mouth

Image by: Pexels

When we are peeing more, there is very little moisture left for other stuff. So you can feel dehydrated, even our mouth can also feel dry. You can face itching problem because of your dehydrated dry skin.

Some other Signs of Type 2 Diabetes:

When you are having this problem of diabetes for quite a long period of time, it could leave an effect on your nerves as well as on your blood flow too. This could make the healing of any kind of wounds more difficult. Because of nerve disorder people with diabetes can also experience numbness or even pain in their legs. Irrespective of sex, people can get yeast infection. The main food for yeast is glucose, the more the supply the more they prosper. You can experience this ailment, in areas like, the area around the sex organs, under your breast, in between toes & fingers also.

A Few Other Signs of Type 1 Diabetes:

Nausea and Vomiting:


Image by: Kevin Galens

The output of the process of burning fat is ketones. If the ketone content in our blood stream grows to dangerous level, a life threatening condition called diabetic ketoacidos is happens to our body. This results in us feeling vomiting tendencies.

When you are over forty five or experiencing the other symptoms of diabetes, then you need to go for a check-up, before it starts leaving a bad impact on your kidneys or your heart or any other disorders.

When your body is not getting any energy from the food you are consuming, then it will begin to use energy generated by burning fat & muscles.This will result in you losing some weight, without changing your eating habit.

Some generic scenarios when you need to see your doctor:

  • Going for peeing frequently
  • Feeling thirsty or weak or experiencing some stomach ailments
  • Breathing unusually (faster or very deeply)
  • Experiencing breath that smells like nail polish remover. Remember this could be a symbol of very large accumulation of ketones.
  • Experiencing abdominal pains.

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