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Creating Good Health and Hygiene in your Workplace

by Ana

Have you ever suffered through a day at work when you’re hopelessly ill? It’s more than a nightmare.

There you are, feebly typing at your office computer, sweat rolling from your forehead and a weakness overtaking your legs. Before you know it, you’re in your office washroom heaving up last night’s dinner and counting down the minutes before you can head home.

But, chances are, your workplace is where you picked up your illness in the first place. Indeed, with filthy washrooms, filthier keyboards and walls drenched with grime, the average office is a haven for poor hygiene, and even poorer health.

According to hygiene company Initial, for example, the average office keyboard contains more germs than a toilet seat (making typing this article an especially disgusting prospect).

So, how can you make your office more hygienic and, in turn, a healthier place to work?


Upgrade your washroom

Your washroom should be the home of good hygiene, the haven where your workers can freshen up and expel any nasty germs. But it won’t do you much good if you’ve got the place kitted out like a fetid tramp’s holiday bin.

The ideal washroom can be purchased from top quality providers, and will feature everything that an employee needs to rid themselves of bacteria. Antibacterial hand wash, hand dryers, a clean and effective toilet and products to allow employees to clear up any mess they might make.

Bear in mind that although men and women aren’t so different, they do need different washroom facilities. Women need little extras such as sanitary bins and wipes if they’re to stay at their hygiene peak, so be sure to populate their washroom with this in mind.


Create a culture of good health

You can install all the high-tech hygiene doodads and thingamajigs you like, but if your staff aren’t willing to hop onto the cleanliness train, your workplace hygiene will continue to fail.

To rectify this, instil a culture of good health and hygiene into your workplace via posters, talks and office emails telling your co-workers the most effective way to wash their hands and stay on top of their hygiene.

Make your cleaners a thorough bunch

You saw that little statistic earlier in the article, but it bears repeating – the average keyboard is filthier than a toilet seat. Think about that fact too much and you might struggle to keep down your lunch.

But now think back to how often you actually see your cleaners scrubbing away at any electrical item. Chances are, never. For fear of failing electrics, most will simply avoid your keyboards and base units.

However, without a thorough clean every few months, your keyboard will be harbouring more germs than a lice-ridden cat. So, put those keys in hot soapy water every now and again to remove any trace of germs, and you’ll be fighting fit in your office.

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