Weight Issues

EnteroMedic’s Maestro Rechargeable System Approved by FDA

Obesity is a major health concern in the United States and now FDA has gone ahead and approved a new weight loss device that can be surgically implanted to treat obesity. The Maestro Rechargeable System is the first device since 2007 that has got an approval from FDA and can treat patients above 18 years of age. The device is designed to help patients that find it difficult to lose weight. As per FDA the device is fit for patients that have a body mass index of 35-45 with at least one other obesity-related condition like Type 2 diabetes.

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7 Great Foods that will help you in Losing Weight

We all need to eat food to survive. Well, there are people who live to eat and there are others who eat to live. People who fall under the first category eat food, mindless of what effect it has on their bodies. And, as a result, they grow obese and face other health problems. Here is a list of 7 great foods which will help you in losing weight. To start with, you need to know that you should not avoid food. But, you should eat the right kind of food which will give you the energy but will also not pile you on with calories. These 7 foods will help you in boosting your metabolism and will help you lose weight quite easily.

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Weighty Issues – Lose Five Kilos In Five Weeks

It sounds a pretty doable task when we read Lose Five kilos in Five weeks. But how many of us would have just tried all the fad diets, crash diets and what not to knock of those extra bulging fat from our body and been unsuccessful. If losing weight was as easy as gaining them, the world would have been a better place to live in. Weight gain makes one feel so depressed because of many reasons like clothes not fitting and other health issues that it actually starts working negatively on your mind and you begin to hate yourself. Let’s just relax and follow some simple weight reduction techniques to.

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Whey Protein Supplements

If a person wants to enhance their overall fitness and health, different supplements and proteins can be considered. Depending upon what your overall goal is, certain supplements work better than others. One of these would be increasing one’s protein intake. There a number of different ways in which to do this. One of which is using one of the several forms of whey protein.

Whey Protein Supplements

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Why go for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Today, you need to pay to stay healthy. If you are carrying all that extra baggage on your body, chances are you will develop a serious health issue or any other problem sooner or later, because of your obesity. Some ailments are heart problems, hypertension, type II diabetes, just to name a few. If you taken in the cost of medical checkups, medical tests, the medications given to you to keep those health conditions in check, there are good chances that they will far exceed the cost of the weight loss surgery.

It seems the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery far prevail over the cost of surgery. But what is gastric sleeve and how goes it work? This weight loss surgery means restricting the amount of food you eat. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove a major portion of your stomach, leaving behind a new stomach in the shape of a small tube. So, with your stomach reduced in size, the amount of food you can take in gets restricted. You will now be able to eat only 1 or 2 ounces of food after the surgery. So, you eat less and follow the diet plan given by your doctor and show weight loss post surgery in a couple of months.

Laparoscopic stomach surgery

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3 Workout Mistakes that Slow the Metabolism

Exercise is the best way to burn the Calories. Few mistakes can affect the workout and can make your Metabolism slow. So try to aware of these mistakes, in order to burn more Calories. The workout is also not wasted in this way.

These Mistakes are as Follows

  1. Change of Exercise

    If you do the same exercise everyday or every Week, you, your Mind and your Body and muscles all gets bored. If you walk in the ground or the nearby place, do some steps of exercise that you have been doing for a long time, after a while your body get use to it and it is not being challenged and the results are stopped.

    Correction of this Mistake

    Try to change the exercises after sometime. You can go for Hiking on the Weekends rather than doing simple walk.

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