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3 Workout Mistakes that Slow the Metabolism

by Ana

Exercise is the best way to burn the Calories. Few mistakes can affect the workout and can make your Metabolism slow. So try to aware of these mistakes, in order to burn more Calories. The workout is also not wasted in this way.

These Mistakes are as Follows

  1. Change of Exercise

    If you do the same exercise everyday or every Week, you, your Mind and your Body and muscles all gets bored. If you walk in the ground or the nearby place, do some steps of exercise that you have been doing for a long time, after a while your body get use to it and it is not being challenged and the results are stopped.

    Correction of this Mistake

    Try to change the exercises after sometime. You can go for Hiking on the Weekends rather than doing simple walk.

    Try new moves and lifts after few days. They strengthen the Muscles.

    Try new exercises to challenge yourself; it will help to lose more Calories and losing more Calories.

  2. Body Resistance of Exercisers

    Aerobic Exercise is good for the Body and the Soul. If an individual does not balance the workouts with the strength Exercises, you are not only decreasing the results but you are also missing an important element of health and fitness.

    Resistance Training including Weight Lifting, Strength Training is the methods to lose the Muscle mass and to lose the stubborn Fats.

    Resistance Training is very important for an exercise at the older stages of life.

    The Women lose about ½ a Pound Muscle a year. Men usually do not lose Muscles easily. The rate of Muscle Loss is increased after the age of 60 years.

    The Muscles burn the Calories even when they are at the rest. Speedy loss of Muscles can also slow down the Metabolism.

    A research from Skidmore College found that exercisers who use high-intensity body resistance, they lose more than twice of the Body Fat including Belly Fat etc.

    Correction of this Mistake

    Try different strength exercises.  Lift weights and do other exercises to build the Stamina by using all the major Muscles of your Body.

  3. Sticking to Fat Burning Zone

    If you use a Trade Mill, Stair Climber or Cardio Machine at the Gym, You can see an option of the “Fat Burning Zone”. It is the option that allows the Lower Intensities of the Body to use a greater amount of its Fats that are stored for the Fuel.

    This seems to be great. You don’t have to work hard and you are taking Fats from the Belly, Butt and Thighs.

    At the later stage, you will see the problem that at the Lower Intensity, the body will burn the higher percentage of the Fats and the Carbohydrates but burning few Calories overall.

    A 50 Pounds Woman walks on the Treadmill at 3mph for 30 Minutes and burns 112 Calories. At this Intensity, she burns about ½ of Calories from the Fat.

    If she would go for Brisk Walk for 30 Minutes at 4 mph. She would burn about 40% of the Calories from the Fat. Ultimately, she would be burning more Calories overall, about 170 Calories in 30 Minutes or 68 Calories from the fat.

    Correction of this Mistake

    Burn more Calories and make these Calories come from the Fat by increasing the overall effort.
    The best way to doing this is to do it in the short intervals, Intervals of Higher Intensity followed by a slower recovery.

These are the 3 common mistakes about which many of the people are unaware. By the correction of these mistakes, we can make our Metabolism faster and can burn more Calories.

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