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Why go for Gastric Sleeve Surgery

by Ana

Today, you need to pay to stay healthy. If you are carrying all that extra baggage on your body, chances are you will develop a serious health issue or any other problem sooner or later, because of your obesity. Some ailments are heart problems, hypertension, type II diabetes, just to name a few. If you taken in the cost of medical checkups, medical tests, the medications given to you to keep those health conditions in check, there are good chances that they will far exceed the cost of the weight loss surgery.

It seems the advantages of gastric sleeve surgery far prevail over the cost of surgery. But what is gastric sleeve and how goes it work? This weight loss surgery means restricting the amount of food you eat. During the surgery, the surgeon will remove a major portion of your stomach, leaving behind a new stomach in the shape of a small tube. So, with your stomach reduced in size, the amount of food you can take in gets restricted. You will now be able to eat only 1 or 2 ounces of food after the surgery. So, you eat less and follow the diet plan given by your doctor and show weight loss post surgery in a couple of months.

Laparoscopic stomach surgery

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Procedures for the Gastric Sleeve

There are two procedures followed for this weight loss surgery, Laproscopic Surgery and Open Surgery. For the open surgery, the surgeon will open up your abdomen and that can raise the risk of infections. This is the reason most patients opt for the other method, which is the Laproscopic surgery.

During the Laproscopic Surgery, the surgeon makes a few tiny incisions in your abdominal area. He will use a laproscopic camera, which is actually a very small camera attached at the end of a very thin tube. With the help of this miniscule camera, the surgeon is able to see everything and he inserts Laproscopic tools through those tiny incisions. The patient is put under general anesthesia to perform the weight loss surgery.

A great part of the stomach is removed and the left over stomach is closed up with the help of surgical staples and sutures. Finally, all the small incisions are closed up by the surgeon and the surgery is over.

The patient will be kept under observation for the next 48 hours to ensure that there are no complications. He gets released form the hospital after 2 or 3 days, depending on his recovery. He is advised to take rest and not perform any strenuous tasks as he will still feel a bit uncomfortable. His abdominal area will feel all swollen up and sore. But he will be given medications to deal with any discomfort.

Post Surgery

The purpose of gastric sleeve surgery is to help you control your eating and promote weight loss. But you should keep in mind that if you don’t check your eating habits, the stomach can stretch over time. Hence, you must limit the amount of food you eat and make the right changes to your lifestyle. This is to ensure that all the efforts made for the weight loss surgery by you and your doctor don’t go waste.

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