Alternative Pain Relief Therapies That Are becoming Mainstream

Pain management may be the most pressing issue in the medical community today. The amount of people who seek pain management therapies has boomed and continues to grow quickly. Part of this is fueled by the fact that people are living longer and longer lives mean more pain during that long life. There are so many people living with chronic or intermittent pain that the parts of the traditional medical industries providing therapies are filled with multi-billion dollar companies that are some of the fastest growing.

The problem with the majority of the current traditional pain management therapies is that they often center around or greatly include the use of opiate based pharmaceuticals which although effective at managing the pain. Too often leave people feeling like zombies when they take them. In many cases they cannot function normally. Another big issue is that they are some of the most highly addictive substances known. Over time a person will inevitably get hooked on these drugs requiring them to take higher doses and completely changing their lives to one that revolves around getting their opiate high.

Today there is an epidemic in many western countries of people who started on pain meds and are now full-fledged heroin junkies.

The need for alternative pain therapies that do not have the same awful side effects has never been greater and the wonderful news is that several alternative pain therapies are showing great results at treating patients.

Here is perhaps the most promising:


Everyone in the pain management industry that is not a pharmaceutical company is excited about medical marijuana. There is no doubt that medical marijuana is the hottest new alternative pain treatments and it is primarily because of a compound it contains called CBD. This powerful compound is a cannabinoid found in the seeds, stalks and flowers of the Cannabis plant. It occurs naturally and can be extracted, independent of other cannabinoids, in oil form. Although many new compounds have been discovered in cannabis CBD is perhaps the most promising because of its wide range of benefits and it is not psychoactive so it will not get you high if you ingest it.

How is CBD Oil Administered?

Today there are a range of ways to take CBD and it is generally delivered in an oil that is then put in capsules. The compound has shown a wealth of health benefits in humans that include: reduction of cancer symptoms, improved heart health, relief from anxiety and depression. It has shown antipsychotic effects and may reduce psychotic symptoms. But its biggest win so far has been for patients with pain severe symptoms. CBD oil has proven as effective with many patients as opiates without any of the side effects and with no addiction issues.

Today because of the controversy surrounding marijuana, CBD Oil is only slowly getting into the hands of pain patients through companies like . Many of them find great relief and have been spreading the world about CBD Oil. At this pace, it is only a matter of time before it becomes a mainstream therapy.

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Finding the Exercise Routine Right for You

We’d all love to have six-pack abs, do hand-stand push-ups, and own a “beach body”, but we have to get real with our commitment. There’s a good reason why we’re so easily swayed into attempting exercise programs far outside our abilities: great marketing.

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6 Essential Fitness Tips

If you are tired of your bulky body and stressful life, then, it’s the right time to gear up and change your current lifestyle! Hit the gym, shed unnecessary calories, and stay fit! You must be vigilant and knowledgeable enough to make the best of your time. Here are some essential fitness tips that would help you out with your new fitness plan.

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Fabulous Health & Fitness Tips to Give You an Awesome Body!

You need to make sure you look after your body these days. Health and fitness are such an essential part of life. You’ve got to come up with ways to maintain health and fitness and develop an awesome body.

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5 Ways To Make Your Workout More Enjoyable

Struggling to keep up the motivation to workout? We all reach plateaus from time to time where going to the gym, for a run or doing a yoga session just seems too much of an effort.

Finding new ways to re-inspire and boost your motivation will help you stay on track to achieving your health goals. Simply making your workout fun will help you look forward to exercising rather than loath it.

Here, we share 5 simple tricks to make your workout more enjoyable:

1) Refresh your playlist:

Refresh your playlist
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If you’ve been replaying the same old beats for months, refreshing your playlist will make a big difference. Create a new playlist with some upbeat hits that help you inject more energy into your workout. If the beat is fast enough, you’re almost guaranteed to sweat a whole lot more than usual.

For those who aren’t musically inclined, jump on a streaming app like Spotify and test out a few of the popular workout playlists.

2) Get your friend involved:

Get your friend involved
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Working out on your own everyday can be pretty lonely so why not recruit a buddy? Not only will you be able to socialise while you’re working out, but it will give you the motivation you need to show up. After all, you can’t sleep in knowing your friends is waiting for you at the track or in the gym. Just remember to encourage each other to keep up the pace and intensity. It’s not the time to have an intense DM session – save that for the coffee afterwards!

3) Set new goals:

Set new goals
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Setting new goals can provide you with all the motivation you need to keep up your fitness. It gives you something strive for and push yourself harder. Maybe your goal is to beat your past PB at distance running or master a new skill. If you’re a gym junkie, perhaps you want to get into the industry and inspire others. There are plenty of quality personal training courses in Melbourne, Los Angeles, London – virtually anywhere in the world!

4) Mix up your training regime:

Mix up your training regime

Mixing up your training regime will not only help make your workout more enjoyable, it can also help improve your results. If your movement patterns are the same consistency for longer periods of time then your body adapts and you neglect other muscles. Changing up your exercise program also gives you an opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and try something new for a change.

5) Change your environment:

Change your environment
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Sick of lifting weights at the gym or running on the treadmill? Change up your environment to make your workout a little more interesting. Instead of running inside, research some nearby running tracks or a park where you can take in some new scenery. If your workout in your garage at home, take your equipment outside or consider going to a gym a couple of days a week.

Whether you are working out to lose weight, to keep healthy or it’s your passion, it’s important you continue to enjoy it. Trying something new, challenging yourself and setting new goals is a great way to remain motivated long term.

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What Every Client Should Ask Their Fitness Instructor

Finding a fitness instructor whose style suits your personality and fitness goals can be a challenge. In general an instructor that’s able to communicate with you on your level will always motivate you to achieve more in terms of your fitness goals. Whether you’re undertaking a fitness instructor course in Melbourne, or seeking some new classes to attend yourself, see below for the most common things that clients should ask before they start a new workout regime.

What Is Your Experience In?

What Is Your Experience In?
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As a client, asking this will give you a much better understanding of the types of methods that your trainer will most likely promote. A former elite level runner might use elements of this sport in their programming and a yoga trained instructor will have a working knowledge of increasing ROM. Depending on your goals, you may want to seek out specialized instructors in areas such as weight training, rehabilitation or extreme weight loss. However, don’t let an instructors specialty put you off it you don’t know all that much about it, cross training is a fantastic way to complement a workout from a beginner to elite level.

There should also be a frank discussion about the qualifications your instructor has, however this can be a grey area. Depending on the style of fitness, they may not yet be nationally recognized certification available in, say, cardio-hip-hop hula hooping. However, although there is not a license that is required for people to teach fitness, it is unlikely for a trainer to be hired if they do not have a minimum certificate 3 in fitness. Asking first up about qualifications is sometimes not the best way to discover if a trainer will work for you, it will be more informative to get an overview of their professional history and passions in fitness and if no specific training is mentioned, then slip it into the conversation.

Are You Insured?

These days it would be pretty rare to find an exercise professional that is uninsured, however, you don’t want to be the person who finds one!Typically this information can be found in the terms and conditions of any enrollment information that you’ll provide prior to commencing a class or session. Ask for clarity if you don’t understand any waivers you’ve signed, but even if they limit your ability to litigate if you get injured, there is always a duty of care that must be exercised towards you as a client while on the premises. This will provide you with some protections especially in instances of negligence on a trainer or facility’s behalf.

Do You Work With People Like Me?

Change this wording to suit your circumstances, perhaps you want to lose weight, become more flexible, have injury issues or want to achieve a certain goal (like chin ups). It’s a good sign if your trainer has experience in your specific requirements, or in a facility with several trainers, they should be able to refer you to a colleague that has the most expertise in a certain area. If you have a complex injury or medical condition this can be a little tricker , and you may wish to phone ahead and provide details to give a head ups. A good trainer will do some prep work so they can understand how to best assist you. In this instance, it is highly advised you also obtain a referral from a physio or exercise physiologist that provides an overview of your condition, its effects (if any) on your movement and most importantly any exercise contraindications. If it’s a long term condition, ideally you’ll want a tailored management plan in place that’s updated as your requirements change and you get stronger. A good trainer will check in with you and adjust your workout accordingly and you should alert them to any new information surrounding your health.

How Can I Maximize My Workouts?

How Can I Maximize My Workouts
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Your trainer wants to help you achieve results, so if you see them only once a week for example, work on the more complex exercises and combinations in person and then do cardio on your own time. Building fitness into your everyday and attending some structured sessions is a great way to start.