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How to handle swelling of feet during pregnancy

Swelling of Feet

Swelling of feet during the third trimester of pregnancy is quite a common problem. Such a situation is also known as feet1edema. Some common reasons of such medical condition are:  deficiency of potassium in your diet, enhancing blood volume, increase in the uric acid level in your blood, standing for a long duration etc.

•    You need to keep you body hydrated. So make sure that you cut down the alcoholic drinks as well as coffee from your diet.

•    For treating the feet swelling barley water has been identified to be quite effective.

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Reducing stress level for working moms


Irrespective of age or sex people suffer from stress. Usually women who take care of most of the household jobs often working-mother-with-baby1suffer from stress. The things can get worse when a woman is a working mom. In such a condition they need to handle both the situation & thus stress level rises. With some different tricks you can decrease your stress level.

•    Have some discussion with your employer about making your schedule little flexible. If the discussions turn useless, then manage a day completely devoted to your family. Switch off your cell phone as well as your laptop. It this way you can create some balance between your family & career as well as it will help you to reduce the stress.

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Reducing Postpartum Belly

Postpartum Belly

Most women are seen struggling with their post baby tummy, but at the same time various film stars are found to be belly-bandit1quite relaxed with the problem. Even after having a baby they are found with a flat stomach.

•    For achieving something you need to put a goal & be patience to achieve that. Remember that your goal needs to be realistic.

•    After delivery procedures you can feel tired after a very minimum work, but you need to adjust yourself early to get into the proper shape.

•    Never ever switch to oily-junk food products. It will not only be responsible for your over weight but also can be dangerous for your baby. So always focus on healthy salads or fruits.

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Symptoms of Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst is an accumulation of fluid, in the ovary of women. Women of every age can become a victim of ovarian ovarian-cyst1cyst, but it mostly happens at the childbearing years. Though commonly it’s not that much threatening, but sometimes can be caused by something serious, so we need to aware of its symptoms.

•    People can experience some discomfort in the lower abdomen & an irritating ache can also occur.

•    Pain during intercourse has also been identified as a symptom of ovarian cyst.

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Reducing the Symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome

Almost every woman is a victim of premenstrual syndrome & sometimes it leads to other serious diseases. Hence early detection or treatment is highly required.

•    For the treatment of premenstrual syndrome (PSM) FDA accepted serafem has gained world wide popularity.

•    Regular consumption of 600 IU of vitamin E is an outstanding remedy for women suffering from the breast tenderness. Vitamin E has also been recommended to lower the signs of cardiovascular ailments, several types of cancer etc.

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Period emergency kit: A must have for those days of the month

Period is normal for every female, but sometime it makes you feel irritative and discomfort.  So you need to prepare yourself for facing such situation. You don’t need to do some heavy jobs or carry heavy things; you just need to carry some essential things that can save you from the shameful situations.

•    Keep track of your periods, when it usually happens, when it finishes. It will help you to prepare for the situation.

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