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Diet during pregnancy (Do’s & Don’ts)

by Souti

Pregnancy is carrying a fetus into the mother womb. This is one of the happiest moments for a woman. It’s very crucial to take care of the mother’s health during this time, because it will have long term effects on the baby. Emphasis on your health is essential for your baby.


  •  Consumption of copious calcium is very important for pregnant women, as calcium helps to make your bones strong.
  • Drink plenty of liquid, like water. Its helps to expand blood volume & prevent constipation.
  • Try to intake protein (Fish, peanut, lean meat, tofu, egg whites,  poultry, pulses etc) and iron (spinach, cereals, beetroot etc)rich food, it helps the normal development & growth.
  • Consumption of Vitamin A (like carrot), C (tomatoes, broccoli, and fortified fruit juices), D (dairy products, cereals, breads etc) is very important for pregnant women. It will help them to grow strong bones, teethes & will also provide a healthy skin.
  • Try to add lot of fresh vegetables & fruits in your diet.
  • Vitamins like B6 (gram, whole grain cereals) & B12 (fish, meat, poultry) are essential dietary supplements for pregnant women. It helps to produce more red blood cells.
  • Add carbohydrate in your diet chart.
  • Quality folic acid (peas, nuts, green vegetables etc) is one of the most desired things of a pregnant body. It’s a rich supplier of proteins & enzymes.


  • Stop gaining excessive weight.
  • Eliminate sea foods(that has mercury content) from your diet chart.
  • Give up alcohols, smoking.
  • Try to reduce or stop caffeine consumption.
  • Try to avoid excessive fatty food.
  • Avoid under-cooked or raw fish, meat , raw eggs etc.
  • Stop having foods which are difficult to digest.

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