Remedies for Sore Nipples

Blessing of motherhood always come with some difficulties, sore nipples is one of them. It is quite a common but painful problem for almost every breast feeding mother. They experience a hardened feeling, extreme pain etc. There are a few accessible ways there to eliminate this problem.
•    One of the best remedies for sore nipples is the breast milk. Spread a little amount of milk on the nipple surface & allow it to dry.

•    Another effective way is hair dryer. You can apply hair dryer on low temperature to dry your nipple. It can give you some soothing feeling from the uncomfortable feeling.

•    You can also place warm tea bag on the nipples; it will give you some relief from the pain & is also recommended for sore nipples.

•    Create a mixture of salt & water in 1:4 ratio. After & before feeding apply the mixture on the nipple with the help of cotton ball (plunge the cotton ball in the mixture & apply it on the nipple for about 10-15 minutes).

•    In three cups of water add the one half cup regular barley & keep it in a separate place overnight. Next day filter the mixture & keep in the refrigerator. Whenever you want boil a cup of the filtered mixture & add one tsp on fennel seeds in the mixture and then drink it. It will give you some relief from the pain.

•    Compress the nipple with alcohol & then wash with clean water, this process is also recommended as a reliever from sore nipples.

•    Another easy way is to the hot water towel on the nipples before 10-15 minutes of feeding apply.

•    Arrange a handful of conferee leaves & steam them. Then roll up the leaves in any thin and often transparent fabric made from any fibre in a plain or leno weave.

•    Each time remember to change the position of the baby while feeding & you can also use pillow to get a comfortable height to lift the baby.

Few other possible effective ways are:

•    Every time wear a clean bra.

•    Never use soap to clean your nipples.

•    Always wash your nipples after every feeding.

•    In between feeding massage the lumps of the breast.

•    New mother should consume enough quantity of fluids etc.

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