Obesity Hinders Your Quest For Getting Pregnant

Obesity is a kind of damage to your health, whether it’s through your heart or through joint pains or through insulin levels or through problems in getting pregnant. It can hinder your chances of getting pregnant. It can leave various harmful effects on your chances of getting pregnant.

Following are a few facts of infertility, which are related to being overweight:

Hormonal Changes:

When your body mass index (BMI) is in the obese (30 & above) level then your body can experience some changes in hormonal levels, which could lead to lower chances of conception too.

Resisting Insulin:

Resisting Insulin
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When your body experiences hormonal differences because of obesity, then it can develop the risk of insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes too. On the other hand it can develop fertility related ailments like unusual menstrual cycles or even an ovulation too, where the egg production of your body can get hampered.

Effects Your Partner Too:

Effects Your Partner Too
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Though infertility is mostly associated with the women body, nevertheless men can also get affected by this. When a man is obese, their testosterone levels can get reduced, which leads to infertility. Among overweight men erectile abnormalities is very frequent.

Problems In Assisted As Well As Natural Pregnancies:

Doesn’t matter whether you are going for the natural method or using technologies like IVF etc., being obese can enhance the chances of miscarriage. It can be caused because of poor quality of egg production or because of hormonal imbalance.

Things We Need To Take Care of:

Things We Need To Take Care of
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When you are thinking to growing your family, then you need to concentrate on your weight. Study revealed that 15% of cases just get solved naturally by losing weight. After losing weight you can easily get pregnant without any treatment or medications. According to Dr. Gupta aerobic exercise or even brisk walking is a good option. It can give you the desired result fast, without affecting your body very much.

Drinking & Smoking:

Drinking & Smoking
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Drinking or smoking habit along with weight issue could be a real hurdle in getting pregnant. When you are really serious regarding your family planning then you need to give up these habits first.

Concentrate On Your Food:

Concentrate On Your Food
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Losing weight doesn’t mean skipping your meals. Do it in a healthy way. Limit the consumption of sugary, fatty, unhealthy junk foods. Try to add more veggies, fruits & other healthy foods in your diet. However don’t forget to discuss with a professional, who can guide you the right way.

Visiting IVF Expert:

When you are following your healthy diet well, then you need to make a visit to the IVF expert, to get a clear picture of your current chances of getting pregnant.

Scrutinize Your Partner’s Health Too:

Scrutinize Your Partner’s Health Too
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When obesity is the main concern, don’t forget to check your partner’s health too, which is also necessary for getting pregnant. When your partner is having the same problem of being overweight just like you, then don’t waste any more time & consult an expert immediately. Sometimes changes in lifestyle can leave a major impact on your health status.

Unhealthy lifestyle can lead to ailments like enhanced cholesterol levels, high BP etc. too, which together creates a major obstacle in your quest of getting pregnant. So make sure you are leading a healthy & happy lifestyle.

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