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Risks of Having a Premature Birth

Pondering about the risks of having a premature birth and ways that can be adopted to avert them aren’t always on the top of expecting mother’s to – do list.

When you come to know that you are expecting a baby, besides the exciting plans, planning for a healthy pregnancy should also be given equal importance.

Premature birth is a serious problem and is rapidly increasing. Since premature birth is a dangerous threat, scientist and doctors all across the globe are working hard to ascertain the risk factors and the ways to prevent them. So, if you’re expecting a baby, assure that you talk to your doctor about the risks you may be exposed to.

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Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

Congratulations! It is discovered that you are going to give birth to your baby, whether you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant. You always want to give healthy start to your baby.

healthy-pregnancyIt is very pleasant moment whenever a woman is expecting a baby. When you get pregnant it brings a lot of changes in your daily life at the same time it needs a lot of preparations for your baby and one of them is – changes.

The major changes are change in your diet. The period of pregnancy is normally for nine months longer and you have to need proper preparation and habits during this period so that the complications of pregnancy can be avoided thus giving great satisfaction yourself during pregnancy.

It is very important to take care of yourself and your baby during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy at Age of 40

Pregnancy after 40

Today most of the women think to start their family very later age. When woman reach at age of 35 according to doctor their ovaries produced fewer eggs.

pregnancy-at-age-of-40The question arise can pregnancy occur at age of 40? Yes it is possible that woman can get pregnant at age of 40 through a natural way.

Most of the women at age of 35 to 40 have healthy pregnancy because their health is good at this age. If you take your good care then it will reduce certain risks associated with it. If some problem arises it can be easily treated. It is difficult for the older women to get pregnant then the younger women because fertility rate is decline with the age.

Complications Arise During Older Pregnancy

The risk rate during older age pregnancy is high because of the age factor. Woman who gets pregnant at age of 40 can face these complications:

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Miscarriages: Symptoms, Causes and Preventions


In the life of a married lady a feeling that is the most precious one is of being pregnant, every married couple loves to share this feeling, this happiness and this sense of entering into a new phase of life.

miscarriagesThe pregnant lady requires a lot of care and attention for the sake of giving birth to a healthy child but sometimes due to many reasons the ladies fail to carry their baby more than 20 weeks ad this situation results in miscarriage that is also called abortion.

In the medical terms, the miscarriage is the termination of pregnancy before the fetal development has reached 20 weeks. This is a very unfortunate fact that the rates of miscarriages are quite high even more than what we can imagine and the reasons for this are numerous.

Many times the pregnancy gets terminated even before the women get to know that she is pregnant and this case is very common as well. This has been reported that majority of miscarriages have occurred because of the abnormal growth of fetus and there are lots of reason that can lead to this abnormal growth.

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Gynaecologists Recommend RepHresh Tampon

Tampons from the time when they were invented in the year 1929 have just had one basic purpose. But with the new rephresh-brilliant-ph-tamponsRepHresh pH Tampon a bold new innovation has been brought up for feminine protection. This new type of tampon has the capacity of reducing the pH increase which actually happens during a woman’s period.

In the past tampons were known for the feature of just absorbing and retaining fluids. There is an elevation in the pH levels in the menstrual phase and is much higher than the pH of a normal healthy woman. Tampons generally retain fluids inside the body. RepHresh Brilliant is one of its first kinds which has been specifically designed to reduce the pH increase occurring during a woman’s period. Besides this new added feature the new form of tampon provides an excellent absorbing and protection.

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Menstrual Cycle – The Extra Care She Needs!

Menstrual period is the tough time that comes in the life of a woman and it repeats itself consistently after each month, during the menstrual cycle a lady experiences a roller coaster of emotion, sometimes she is happy and sometime she is aggressive.

mencycleIt’s the duty of husband/boyfriend to take care of the lady during her menstrual period because you guys can’t understand the pain and suffering which she is experiencing at that time.

The mood swings of women though sometimes irritate the other but the other should try to understand her condition and their negative attitudes will get vanished if you’ll provide due care and attention to them.

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