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Miscarriages: Symptoms, Causes and Preventions

by Ana


In the life of a married lady a feeling that is the most precious one is of being pregnant, every married couple loves to share this feeling, this happiness and this sense of entering into a new phase of life.

miscarriagesThe pregnant lady requires a lot of care and attention for the sake of giving birth to a healthy child but sometimes due to many reasons the ladies fail to carry their baby more than 20 weeks ad this situation results in miscarriage that is also called abortion.

In the medical terms, the miscarriage is the termination of pregnancy before the fetal development has reached 20 weeks. This is a very unfortunate fact that the rates of miscarriages are quite high even more than what we can imagine and the reasons for this are numerous.

Many times the pregnancy gets terminated even before the women get to know that she is pregnant and this case is very common as well. This has been reported that majority of miscarriages have occurred because of the abnormal growth of fetus and there are lots of reason that can lead to this abnormal growth.

The Miscarriage is linked to many symptoms and causes and this is very important that the ladies should be aware of these issues. In this article I am going to discuss this problem in a bit detail and first of all let’s start with the symptoms that are associated with this problem.

Miscarriages Symptoms

  • There are many symptoms associated with the miscarriages and some of the most common ones are the cramping and vaginal bleeding. The levels of cramping and vaginal bleeding could be mild, moderate or severe. This thing has also been noticed that sometimes the bleeding may happen due to cervical irritation or the process of implantation and the pregnancy may continue after this, so you don’t think that every kind of vaginal bleeding is the end of your pregnancy period.
  • Another symptom that is also associated with the miscarriage is severe abdominal pain and the doctors call it a symptom of ectopic pregnancy which is a very life threatening condition not only for the baby but also for the mother.


  • Another symptom of miscarriage could be the fast weight loss, white-pink discharge, and painful contractions in the body for five to twenty minutes.
  • Back pain is another symptom of miscarriage, for the ladies who are facing the miscarriage; the back pain could be even more severe than the one ladies face during the menstrual period.

Miscarriages Causes

Just like the symptoms of miscarriage there are also many causes associated with the miscarriage, the doctors throughout the world have seen many cases of miscarriages when the cause becomes difficult to determine. Many times the problems could occur because of the chromosomal disorders of the mother or it could be because of some other health issue. Let’s discuss some of the common causes that are associated with miscarriages.

  • The marital age of the lady plays a major role in pregnancy; this thing has been notified by many medical experts that the women who are over 35 years of age are at the higher risks of getting miscarriages.
  • The chromosomal abnormalities are another major reason of miscarriages and these abnormalities usually occur because of aging and the women of age more than 35 are also at greater risks of getting this problem.
  • The food intake also affects your pregnancy, the excessive intake of caffeine; smoking and drugs usage during pregnancy can also lead the women towards miscarriages.
  • Much kind of body infections like parvovirus B19, rubella, herpes simplex, and cytomegalovirus as well as severe cases of Malaria could also become a cause of miscarriage.
  • The hormonal abnormality of mother can also lead to miscarriage.

Miscarriages Prevention

  • You have seen some of the symptoms and causes of this problem now let’s discuss the prevention. In many cases the preventive measures for miscarriage can help the women to get rid of this situation.
  • This is a proven fact that many times the miscarriages occur due to some systematic diseases and the best prevention for this situation is to treat the disease before getting pregnant.
  • This situation can be avoided if you keep an eye on your food intake and other habits like the intake of alcohol and other drugs.
  • When a lady faces little vaginal bleeding then she should immediately consult her doctor because this earlier symptom can lead to the prevention of big problem in future.

Miscarriage or what we call ‘abortion’ is a very painful situation that takes the happiness of being parents from people and unfortunately the ratio of it is getting increased day by day. The need of hour is that the people must have to make aware of the details of this problem so that future problems can be avoided.

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