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Cataract (Cloudy Eye Lens) Types, Causes and Symptoms

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Cataract is the film that grows on the Eyes causing the image to be doubled or they see the double image.

The Cataract does not form on the Eye but within the Eye.

The Cataract is the clouding of the natural Lens. The Lens is the part of the Eye that focuses the light and produce sharp and clear image.


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It is contained in a Capsule. The old cell dies and they are trapped in the Capsule. These cells get together to form the cloud in the Eye. This makes the image blur.

The Cataract mostly occurs due to the aging process.

The diseases like Diabetes can also cause Cataract and the use of Alcohol may lead to the Cataract.

Types of the Cataract

There are 3 types of the Cataract which are as follows

  1. Senile Cataract.
  2. Traumatic Cataract.
  3. Secondary Cataract.
  1. Senile Cataract.

    The Cataract that occurs in the aged people is known as the Senile Cataract.

  2. Traumatic Cataract.

    It can occur due to the injury to the Eye.

  3. Secondary Cataract.

    It can be caused due to the medical condition.
    Cataracts may develop in both of the Eyes.

Causes of Cataract

Following are the causes of the Cataract

  • The age factor is the major cause of the Cataract. After the 55 years of age the Cataract may appear.
  • The diseases like Diabetes, certain medicines and use of Alcohol can also cause Cataract’s problem.
  • The Family history can be a cause of Cataract.
  • Exposure to radiations can cause Cataract. The pilots have the risk of Nuclear Cataracts. This risk is linked to the Cosmic Radiation.
  • Long-term exposure to the bright Sunlight
  • Long-term use of Corticosteroids, the patients of the Asthma relies on the Steroids, which can be a cause of it.
  • Long-term Eye inflammation.
  • Previous Eye injury.
  • The scientists of the National Institute of the Environmental Health Sciences say that Exposure to the Lead can increase the risk of Cataract.
  • A Cataract is not a Tumor.
  • The Genetic diseases are also associated with the development of Secondary Cataract. These diseases may include Myotonic Dystrophy, Galactosemia, Homocystinuria, Wilson’s disease and Down Syndrome etc.
  • The infections like Rubella, Toxoplasmosis, Syphilis and Cytomegalic can cause Cataract.

Tests to Detect the Cataract

The Lens of the Eye should be clear so that Light can pass through it. The Clouding of the Lens of the Eye is known as Cataract and it is clear under the normal condition.

The Cataract develops in a long time, impairs the Vision and at the end it can lead to Blindness, if kept untreated.

The Cataract is mostly seen in the older people but Congenital Cataracts may occur at the birth.

Cataract Lens Removal and Replacement Surgery

The Lens is formed of Water and the special Proteins that is clear. The Cataracts is developed when the Proteins of the Lens begins to cluster and become denser. The formation of the Proteins bundles make difficult the Light to pass through the Eye. So, this creates an Opaque area in eth Eye and this Lens has to be replaced.

The Cataract Surgery is the removal of the Cloudy Lens and replacing it with an Artificial Lens. All the cases of the Cataract do not require Surgery.

This is the only option of the treatment. The Cataract treatment can cause problems in the daily routine activities like driving, reading, cooking, watching Television etc.

The Cataract Surgery is done under the local Anesthesia. The normal results of this Surgery are good regarding the improvement of the Vision.

The General Anesthesia is occasionally used; this option is used in the children. It is a safe Surgery but sometimes it may include like Bleeding and Infection.

Eye disease simulation

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Cataract surgery

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The risk of the Retinal detachment is increased due to the Cataract Surgery.

Vitreous Floaters in the Eye

The path of the Light through the Eye needs to be wide to form a clear image on the Retina. The Light sensitive receptors draw out the impulses which are sent to the Central Nervous System for further processing. The tissues of the Eye have many special qualities to ensure that is of transparent color. During this process, the light passes through the Cornea, Aqueous Humor, Lens and the Vitreous Humor. When the Light travels through the substances, it bends, forms refraction and focus the inverted image on the Retina.

If any of the media is tainted, it will deform the vision to different degrees and particle within the Eye may be superimposed.

Cataract is a medical condition that needs an immediate attention. If you are suffering from the symptoms of the Cataracts, take serious notice for the treatment of it otherwise it will cause more complications.

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