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Cataract (Cloudy Eye Lens) Types, Causes and Symptoms



Cataract is the film that grows on the Eyes causing the image to be doubled or they see the double image.

The Cataract does not form on the Eye but within the Eye.

The Cataract is the clouding of the natural Lens. The Lens is the part of the Eye that focuses the light and produce sharp and clear image.


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It is contained in a Capsule. The old cell dies and they are trapped in the Capsule. These cells get together to form the cloud in the Eye. This makes the image blur.

The Cataract mostly occurs due to the aging process.

The diseases like Diabetes can also cause Cataract and the use of Alcohol may lead to the Cataract.

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Cataract: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Eyes are no doubt one of the most attractive organs of anyone’s personality but if proper care is not provided to them then this beauty can get badly affected.

cataractHere I am going to discuss a very common disease of the eyes and that is famously known as Cataract. First I would like to give you the proper definition of this disease in medical terms ‘it is the clouding that develops in the crystalline lens of eye and it also affects the eye sight’.

Normally you might have seen some person with a blurry type of eye lens just like fog on the glass of window, in the normal routine we can have many names for this problem but the proper medical name is ‘Cataract’. Normally the eye lens tends to be so clear that we can clearly see the inner texture but for a person with this disease, you can see the inner side of eye so clearly.

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