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Lifestyle Choices That Could Damage Your Health

by Ana

We all worry about our health at some point or another. Some of us catch a glimpse of our reflection in the mirror and start to notice a swollen belly forming where our flat stomach used to be. Others will realise that we need to catch our breath after climbing one block of stairs. Many will read the news, see the grim stories of health scares and immediately start to panic. It happens to the best of us. But the fact is there are some life choices that could alter the state of your health. By making these decisions, you may well be putting your life in some danger. What choices am I talking about? Well, there are quite a few that you need to be aware of.

Image By: stevepb

Image By: stevepb


How often do you think about what you’re shovelling into your body on a regular basis? Do you worry that you’re not getting enough vitamins? Are you cautious of the gluten scare? Is there anything that we need to worry about? All are interesting questions. First, you should be watching your diet and making sure that you get the vitamins that your body needs. Without the necessary vitamins, you could find you experience negative effects of vitamin deficiency. For instance not getting enough vitamin D could ultimately cause you to experience pain in your limbs. That’s due to the fact that limited vitamin D makes your bones weaker and brittle. It’s easily treatable, and all you need to do is eat more oranges and get plenty of sunshine. That’s just one example, though. There are certainly others.

There are some foods that you would be best to avoid altogether. Often, we see unsafe foods being labelled in the media. There are so many that it’s difficult to determine which are actually bad for you anymore. Everything from veg to meat has at one point been labelled as dangerous. To find out what you should stay away from, you need to look at the research yourself. Don’t rely on the news stories because they typically pick and select the facts that they seem relevant. For instance, red wine being bad for you is an interesting story. But if that story is based on a research study with ten participants you may not want to rely on it.

That said, there are diet issues that you do need to worry about. Any doctor will tell you that the food you eat will affect your body and your health. You may not always see these changes, but you’ll certainly feel them. For instance, it’s possible to have high cholesterol even when you look skinny. If you don’t put on weight, but you do get pains in your chest, this could be the cause. It’s worth knowing about too because high cholesterol can be just as dangerous for thin people.

Image By: skeeze

Image By: skeeze


We often think of exercise as always being good for us. Undoubtedly, many were amazed when researched showed that exercise keeps the body biologically younger. But is exercise always a good thing? As in most cases, a little is good for you, and a little can be damaging. If you are heading to the gym each day, you could be doing more harm than good. Particularly, if your body is already in quite a good condition. Intensive exercise can damage the muscles and joints. It can even result in the development of painful diseases like arthritis. Arthritis has been linked to people who complete intensive running routines on a regular basis.

As well as this, continuous exercise will cause you to start burning muscle rather than fat. If you find that you feel exhausted after completing an exercise routine, this may be what is occurring. Rather than your body getting stronger, it’s slowly but surely becoming weaker. That’s why many Olympic athletes only exercise for an intensive seven minutes. Seven minutes with very little break is better than a few hours taking long rests between sets.

Of course, no exercise at all can also damage your body. In this case, I’m not just talking about weight gain. If you don’t exercise and use your muscles, your body will become weaker. You will find even the smallest strain on your muscles is incredibly painful.

Using Tech

These days hardly anyone thinks about the danger of using technology. In the past, picking up a cellphone and holding it up to your ear was linked to the development of brain tumours. Now, we don’t think twice about answering a phone call and speaking for as long as we want. But does that mean the danger is no longer present? Or, are we simply ignoring it in favour of an easier lifestyle? Believe it or not, there is still evidence that shows tech is a danger to our health. Cell Phones may be safer, but all tech release electromagnetic energy that could have an impact on your health and our body. Take a using a laptop as an example. I’m sure there are many people who see no problem using a laptop in bed. But guys may want to be careful. Research has shown evidence to suggest that using a laptop like this could damage your sperm. It’s even been linked to infertility. So perhaps, tech isn’t quite as safe as marketers and society would have you believe.

Image By: Wokandapix

Image By: Wokandapix

Sleeping Patterns

Finally, there are some people who believe that sleep is for the weak. Quite literally, there are adamant supporters who believe you only need two hours of sleep each night. I’m not sure how these people get up in the morning. But I have a strong suspicion they are more reliant on coffee than most other people. The fact is that your body needs sleep. Sleep is a chance to recover from the pains and injuries that you’ve experienced throughout the day. If you don’t get a good night of sleep, you’re going to be putting enormous pressure on your body. It might not be able to handle it at all. Not to mention the fact that due to a lack of sleep you’ll be reliant on products to keep you awake. You should aim for at least eight hours each night to stay healthy.


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